Picking up on signs of separation anxiety in your dog

Published Date 7/6/2012
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Picking up on signs of separation anxiety in your dog

If you are dog lover and you can't get enough of your canine companion, it might be disheartening for you to see him suffer when you leave the house. However, this behavior can be defined as an actual condition in dogs - separation anxiety.

The Humane Society reports that there are a few ways that you can tell if your lovable companion suffers from this common condition. First, dogs who have separation anxiety tend to act frantic when you are leaving the house and greet you excitedly as soon as you arrive home. Next, a dog with the ailment might follow you from room to room in fear of you leaving.

There is no definitive reason for why dogs suffer from separation anxiety. However, some factors may trigger this behavior. If a dog is accustomed to human companionship or has experienced a traumatic event, he or she might be more likely to exhibit signs of anxiety.

Pet owners who want to become more in tune with how their dogs feel might want to speak to a psychic with gifts that allow her to communicate with animals. Psychic readings from a pet psychic can provide insight into an animal's unusual behavior.

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