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Pawsitively Psychic: The Joy and Mystery of Pet Connections

Date 8/26/2023
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Do you ever feel a deep psychic bond with your beloved pet? Well, you're not alone! Our psychic Advisors have shared incredible stories of their mystic connections with pets that seem to have extrasensory perceptions beyond our understanding. From anticipating danger to finding lost items, these pets have proven that their mysterious intuition goes far beyond the ordinary. Join us as we dive into true tales of pets with extraordinary psychic gifts!

Pet Connections

Fated Attractions

Many pet owners have experienced the uncanny feeling that their new furry friend is the reincarnation of a beloved pet from a past life. Pets who share strikingly similar looks or personality traits with previous companions often leave us in awe. Psychic Aphrodite shares a heartwarming story about her beloved dog, Boo, who returned in a new lifetime, and Psychic Kristine reveals how her mini horse, Daisy, unexpectedly entered her life and amplified her psychic abilities.

Psychic Aphrodite tells this story: "I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that my beloved dog Boo would come back in this lifetime. After he made his transition, I didn't smile or laugh once over the next few months. Yet I remained open to his signs from the afterlife and trusted he was coming back for me! Let's fast forward to November 7, 2019. I searched online and there he was! A dog who looked identical! I had zero doubt it was him."

Psychic Kristine shares how her mini horse Daisy entered her life in an unexpected way: "Years ago, I was in Tucson AZ at the annual Gem and Mineral Show and while shopping in a local Crystal store, I was intuitively drawn to a very unique black stone. I approached the owner of the shop with some questions about what it was and where it came from. I was informed it was a fossilized horse tooth from a three-toed miniature horse that was native to Nebraska. After looking closer, I did notice it looked exactly like a large molar tooth. Once home, and had a chance to meditate with the tooth, I noticed that it totally amplified my empathic and psychic abilities."

Kristine goes on: "It literally was the strongest stone I have worked with for stimulating lucid dreaming. I started to fall in love with the idea of having my own mini horse if their energy was so sensitive and psychic. This caused me to randomly look on Craigslist to see if there were any mini horses looking for a new family. Synchronicity led me to a mini horse named Daisy that had a family whose children were grown up and not giving Daisy the attention that she deserved. I felt as though she psychically called out to me for a purpose. Daisy became a great addition to our family."

Heroic Dog

Heroic Pets Save the Day

Pets have an incredible way of becoming true heroes in times of need. Psychic Pixie's dog, Biscuit, saved her family from a devastating house fire. Zoey tells of a horse, Skylar, who courageously protected a young girl from a lurking coyote. Even cats like Emma Orange Peel have shown remarkable intuition by sensing danger and saving their owners from harm.

Hero Dog Saves Family

Psychic Pixie shares an incredible story about her dog Biscuit: "Biscuit was a black Shar-Pei that was given to me as a pup, as a gift from a special friend. We shared 12 wonderful years with her. When she became a member of our family my 3 children were very young. She grew up with my kids. We had a huge trampoline that was over a foot off the ground. Somehow she climbed up on her own and would bounce with the kids; I am not talking on all fours; I am talking upright on her 2 hind legs."

Pixie goes on: "Biscuit found her way into our hearts right away but her antics of the trampoline and playful ways are just a drop in the bucket compared to her heroism. Yes, Biscuit became a hero to our family. She saved our lives in a house fire a few months after we got her. She alerted me by giving a crying howl, nudging me, and waking me up enough to smell smoke. I instantly sprung out of bed as she went to my son’s room trying to pull him out of bed. We escaped unhurt but we lost our house."

The Heroic Horse

Zoey shares a story of a horse named Skylar who saved a young girl named Harper from a coyote. Skylar sensed the danger and rushed to warn Harper with loud cries before the coyote could attack. Harper's father, hearing Skylar's alarming screams, ran to grab his daughter to safety. He was so grateful to Skylar for protecting his child that he vowed to always treat her like royalty from then on. Skylar's heroic actions and intuition kept Harper from harm.

Emma Orange Peel Saves the Day

Zoey tells another story of how a cat named Emma Orange Peel saved her owner from carbon monoxide poisoning. In the middle of the night, Emma woke her owner by urgently licking her face and meowing. She sensed something dangerously wrong that her owner could not. Her owner awoke and got to safety. Emma's intuition alerted her owner to a serious unseen threat.

A Cat Disappearing Act

Psychic Benjamin tells of a cat named Lance who disappeared when he overheard his owner's plans: "One of my clients was talking on the phone to a friend and mentioned that she was taking her cat Lance in the next day to get him 'fixed.' Not only did Lance disappear before the appointed time, but he never returned. I guess he figured he would take his chances elsewhere!"

Dog Manifests the Help He Needs

Psychic Benjamin shares an intriguing story about intuitively being called to help a dog recover his lost ball: "One sultry summer evening, I felt an intense urge to walk down a side street I normally never take. As I continued on my walk, I experienced a sudden vision of a dog staring longingly at a yellow ball just out of reach. I blinked in surprise when I turned the corner to see that exact scene playing out in real life: a German Shepherd poking his head through a porch gate, staring fixedly at a bright yellow tennis ball. The dog never glanced at me. It didn’t pant or growl. Its attention was focused on a spot to my left. It was as if the dog had psychically summoned me through the vision. I grabbed the ball and tossed it to him. In over a decade as a pet psychic, I've rarely felt such a strong psychic call from an animal needing help."

Homeless Animals Heed a Call

Psychic Benjamin tells the story of a couple who used their home as a refuge for over two dozen pets that had no place to live, providing them with food, shelter, and a loving home. Though most of these pets were rescued through different shelters, over the years, six cats and two dogs that needed homes just showed up. Considering most people might only run into a stray dog or cat once or twice in a lifetime, this seems unlikely to occur unless these pets have some sort of sensitivity that allows them to know that at this home, they will be loved and cared for.

Lost and Found Pet

Lost and Found

Pets have a remarkable ability to find their way back home, even from incredible distances. Countless stories have been told about pets overcoming tremendous odds to reunite with their owners. Their sixth sense and unwavering determination are nothing short of miraculous. Pet psychics can also play a crucial role in helping find lost pets by tapping into their intuitive gifts.

Understanding Your Pet's Gifts

Have you ever wondered if your own pet possesses psychic abilities? Look for clues in their behavior, such as reacting to invisible stimuli, anticipating your arrival, or seemingly sensing spirits. By keeping a journal and observing patterns over time, you can gain insight into your pet's unique gifts. Consulting with animal communicators can also provide valuable insights into your pet's thoughts and emotions.

Psychic Benjamin shares a story that illustrates how professional pet psychics can help: "One of my clients was having issues with her cat no longer using its litter box properly. I connected with the cat energetically and sensed that it strongly disliked a new shampoo the owner had started using. I conveyed this to the owner, and once she stopped using that shampoo, the cat happily resumed proper litter box habits."

Be on the lookout for common behaviors that indicate your pet may have psychic gifts. These include reacting to invisible stimuli, anticipating your arrival home every day, avoiding certain areas, seemingly sensing spirits, and more. Dogs' sweat glands in their paw pads, for example, help them sense subtle changes in the environment. Tune into your pet's unique behaviors and signals to determine if they exhibit special intuition or sensory abilities.

For example, Zoey tells of a pig named Charlotte who had a special friendship with a troubled young girl named Wendy. Wendy's caretaker noticed she seemed happier and more sociable since becoming friends with Charlotte. Her time with Charlotte was therapeutic. Zoey says the story shows how being in tune with animals and listening to what they communicate can be healing and transformative. Charlotte and Wendy's bond was mutually nurturing.


The Extrasensory in the Ordinary

Psychic Pixie notes: "It doesn't matter how many dogs, cats, or pets we have; I feel we have them for a reason and I know the ones I have had defiantly made my life a better one. Biscuit was especially good at anticipating our return home after school or work, even when we came home at odd times. She just had a sixth sense about our schedules and energies."

Our dogs and cats learn to read our energy and emotions. Animals immediately know when we’re feeling playful or relaxed. By giving them a job, however silly it may sound, you’re setting expectations for them and projecting a specific energetic resonance they crave—your peace of mind.

“As a pet psychic, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that you can use to improve your lives together,” notes Psychic Benjamin. “For example, dogs thrive on structure and routine, and cats love having a job.

I recently worked with a dog owner who was frustrated at a lack of consistency in his dog’s behavior; none of its obedience training seemed to stick for very long. Together, we named the pup VP of Backyard Maintenance (“vice-president” out of deference to an older female dog in the family). Every evening at a specific time, he or one of his kids walked the dog around the perimeter of their property. Every time the puppy ran off, they called him back until the job was finished and then gave him a biscuit. By setting a routine for his rambunctious puppy and sticking to it—with a bit of biscuit bribery—the dog’s owner learned how to patiently work with his pet’s curious nature and not against it. He relaxed, and the puppy learned to listen.

One of my clients bestowed the title CEO of Naptime on her surly cat because sleeping was the animal’s main occupation. By naming it CEO of Naptime, my client learned to make peace with her cat’s nature. She stopped fretting and was astonished to find her formerly standoffish pet becoming more affectionate.”

Spirit Sensing Pets

Spirit Sensing Signs

Stories of animals communicating with the spirit world often feature common denominators. For example, people frequently report that their pets seem to focus on something that does not exist.

Additionally, pets might respond with playfulness, fear, or anger when confronted with a possible spirit. Psychic Pixie points out that dogs sometimes growl at sights or sounds their human owners can't discern, while cats hiss or claw at the air. “You might see your dog chasing and barking at an invisible playmate, or you could notice that your cat avoids a specific room in the house,” she notes.

The Skeptic's Viewpoint

Some believe pets don't have psychic gifts and it's merely imagination. Yet Cambridge scientist Rupert Sheldrake's work on animal telepathy provides counterpoints. Sheldrake has accumulated stories from over 1,000 dogs and 600 cats that were able to accurately predict their owners' returns long before a car engine could be heard. This includes those who have irregular work schedules. Regardless of one's beliefs, these stories showcase the deeply meaningful bonds between pets and their owners.

The Magic of Pets, Psychic or Not

The delightful stories and quirky facts shared here showcase the remarkably deep bonds between people and their pets. As you continue your journey with your beloved pet, pay close attention to their behaviors and keep an open heart and mind. Regardless of whether you believe in psychic abilities in animals or not, one thing is certain: our pets enrich our lives with their loyalty, humor, and insight. They teach us valuable lessons about living fully in the moment, with joy and trust.

So, cherish the moments, and let your furry soulmate be your pawsitively psychic guide. Happy bonding!



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