Paranormal Road Trip - Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg PA

Published Date 10/26/2019
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Author's Photo by Cheryl
-Customer Care Specialist

Back in 2016, Psychic Source introduced you to Cheryl, one of Psychic Source’s own Customer Care Specialists who also happens to be an avid Ghost Hunter. If you missed her story, catch up here. Earlier this year, Cheryl took another road trip to visit a new haunted location, this time it was the historic town of Gettysburg, PA located near the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland.  While there she spent time at the famous Jenny Wade House.  Travel along with Cheryl as she shares the rich history and experiences found in this location known for their paranormal encounters.

Previously, I detailed my time exploring famously haunted sites in Gettysburg, PA. But there is so much history surrounding one location, I wanted to separate it out into its own article.  So below is all about the time I spent at the Jenny Wade House starting with its important legacy.

The Civil War’s Only Civilian Causality
Authentically furnished from cellar to attic, the Jennie Wade House is a shrine to Jennie and to life during the American Civil War. On July 3rd, 1863, just 20 years old at the time of the Battle in Gettysburg, Jennie (also known by Ginnie) was kneading dough in the kitchen of her sister Georgia’s home when a rifle bullet pierced two doors and claimed her life.  (At the bottom of the page you can see photos of the door and the bullet hole and a view of the kitchen).

Seeing Jennie on the floor with her hands covered in dough and flour Mary Ann Wade knew her daughter was dead. With remarkable calm, she walked into parlor to tell Georgia, “Your sister is dead.” Georgia’s scream caused three Union soldiers to knock at the door. Assessing the situation, the soldiers ordered everyone upstairs, but Mrs. Wade refuses without Jennie. They wrapped her in a quilt, then everyone moved upstairs, including a soldier carrying Jennie’s limp body.  In a war that claimed nearly 50,000 victims, Jennie Wade is considered to be the only civilian to die in the Civil War. 

Jenny Wade Attic

On July 4, 1863, the battle ends and as entire town steps outside none are prepared for the mass destruction or stench lingering in air. While people celebrated the end of battle, Jennie’s family were making funeral arrangements.  She was ultimately buried three times.  Her original funeral only attended by a few soldiers and family.  Then she was moved to the German Reform Church in January 1864, and finally she was placed in Evergreen Cemetery in November 1865. Jennie is only the second woman to have a gravesite perpetual flying flag, the first being Betsy Ross. 

The Hauntings
Some of the common hauntings reported at the Jennie Wade house commonly include the smell of baking bread in the kitchen.  Also, in the parlor and the second floor, the orphans from the haunted Gettysburg Orphanage played here while alive and their spirits like to play with jewelry and tug on coats and people’s pants (which actually happened to a friend of mine.) 

My Paranormal Investigation
I was not alone during my investigation.  Attending were my friends Kym, Bart, Joni from Kentucky Ghost Walker, and Maryann from Eastern PA Preservation Society. Maryann used a spirit box in the parlor and captured children’s giggles. While in the parlor, I sat on the floor near an empty rocking chair and Joni states the spirit of an older woman was sitting in chair. After questioning the spirit, Maryann and I concluded it was Mary Ann Wade, Jennie’s mother. 

We also got EVPs on first floor saying, “Get Out”.  Joni felt watched the entire time. Walking downstairs from Georgia’s attic I was rushed by a spirit. I nearly fell but was fine.  Lastly, we captured orb in the cellar. 

Initially, Jennie never appeared during the investigation but after later returning to our hotel, I felt something next to me and called Joni in. We agreed it was Jennie and she’s moved on.
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Below are more of the memorable photos I captured during my visit including a view through the bullet hole (still in the wall) into the kitchen where Jennie's life was taken. Sorry the first photo is a little blurry, but that's the door with the bullet hole still intact, and the one below is the view through the hole in the door.  

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