Ouija Boards, Candles, and Levitating Tables: Tools for True Channeling or Just Hype?

Date 9/22/2022

Are Ouija boards all hype?

Are Ouija boards all hype?

Many people turn a skeptical eye toward channeling tools such as Ouija boards, candle rituals, and levitating tables. But is there any truth to these methods? Learn which channeling tools are real and find out what can help you find the answers you’re seeking.

Ouija Boards Can Offer Surprising Insight

Ouija boards boast every letter of the alphabet, numbers from zero to nine, and a simple “yes” and “no,” making them the ideal tool for answering a wide range of questions. Because they appear so simple to use, many people have done just that without truly understanding how the tool works. 

Though Ouija boards have been popular since the late 19th century, few people understand the science behind them. Even though these boards purport to allow users to talk with beings in other realms, they’re actually subject to the ideomotor effect, which suggests that users’ preconceptions or expectations unconsciously guide the planchette across the board. That means Ouija boards may not necessarily be effective tools for generating accurate psychic predictions, but they could offer insight into what users think and want. Ouija boards also have a close connection to the occult, which is often very misunderstood. 

Candles Can Connect With the Divine

The best psychics understand that not just any environment is ideal for accessing the appropriate mindset for a reading. That’s why many use a range of tools, including meditation exercises and herbal infusions.

Others rely on candles, which have long offered a pathway for connecting with a divine presence. After all, fire represents life, and lighting candles can create an ethereal space and open a portal to another realm. Some psychics may use candles to connect to a higher consciousness, and candle rituals may even heighten advisors’ spiritual awareness.

With candles, intentions largely shape the outcome of the ritual. An advisor who begins a candle ritual with the intention of learning about a specific person or situation is more likely to be open to receive information about a topic of interest.

Levitating Tables Offer Historical Intrigue

Like Ouija boards, levitating tables emerged from the Spiritualist movement in the late 19th century. Levitation often featured prominently in séances, which some mediums used to contact the spirit world. Mediums who achieved levitation often claimed that spirit forces were manipulating them, but this rarely proved true. Unfortunately, the Spiritualist movement frequently promoted showmanship over actual psychic connections, and séances were often packed with tricks and fraudulent displays.

Rather than using levitating tables, many psychic advisors today rely on other methods of connecting with the astral plane. For instance, many advisors use crystals to hone their psychic abilities, access certain types of energy, or even promote protection.

Others rely on tools like tarot cards, which can help advisors answer specific questions and provide spiritual guidance. Angel cards also offer divine access while providing insight into relationships, careers, and other important matters.

While some psychic advisors may use channeling tools, each has his or her own preferred method for accessing other realms and gaining valuable insights. Chat with a psychic to gain firsthand experience with channeling tools and develop a sense of what method best matches your questions and desires.


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