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Published Date 9/6/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

Try one of our new Advisors today to open up your perspective!


Every once and awhile it’s good to shake things up! A great way to do that is to try something new, whether it’s a new food or new Advisor, breaking out of your routine can be a good thing. Here are a few New Psychics who have recently joined our community. If you need to shake things up, try one of our new, gifted Psychics today!

Sapphire x8967
Want a Psychic with a huge amount of experience? Need to speak with someone who is well-rounded and can give you insight? Speak to Sapphire today! With over 25 years providing tarot and psychic readings, you’ll really love speaking talking to her.

“I spoke to her 2 days in a row each time more incredible then the next. She is the real deal without a doubt! She described personalities perfectly and seemed to know things before I even said them. But the most remarkable thing was that my deceased mother connected with her at the beginning and Sapphire used a word that my mother said to describe my grandfather only I would know. I'm sure she connected with my mom. I will call again without a doubt.” – Michele

Naiya x8968
This intuitive energy reader can pick up your thoughts, feelings and intentions that surround you and deliver a reading you will surely remember. She can connect quickly and can deliver your answers with compassion. Try this gifted reader for something different!

“Delightful! Has a wonderful grasp of situations and the feelings/intentions beneath them. She's great!! Very helpful and practical!” – Heidi

Need something new? Try a new Advisor today!



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