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Published Date 9/12/2012
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Try a new Psychic Today!

Every once and awhile it’s good to shake things up! It can give you a new perspective, a new lease on life, a new attitude! Sometimes we get stuck in ruts that can drain us of energy. Here are a few New Psychics who have recently joined our community. If you need a new perspective, try one of our new, gifted Psychics today!


Karin Marie 8991
Karin Marie is a third generation psychic who loves to use the gifts she has been blessed with to help others connect to spirit and access the information that the Universe is trying to communicate. She uses intuitive Tarot to answer questions about love, relationships, career, finances, and decision making.

"OMG! This advisor is just absolutely right on target. She knew my worries before I even told her. She offered sound advice and was gentle in speaking with me as I am kind of fearful of harshness;and she sensed that in me and handled it very professionally. I just loved the fact that she gave me a little short prayer to use in all my undertakings. How nice of her. I will definitely call her again." - Carmen 


Aphrodite 8979
Having helped many people for many years, Aphrodite uses her natural gifts as a spiritual medium empath to guide you where you need to be. She calls upon spirit guides and angels during her readings to get the answers to you. Using angel cards, Aphrodite passes messages onto you to empower you to make the positive changes necessary in your life.

Need something new? Try a new Advisor today!


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