My psychic helped me appease my aging dog

Published Date 8/8/2012
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My psychic helped me appease my aging dog

My Dalmatian has been my constant companion over the years as I've raised my three children, watched them grow into young adults and began life as an empty nester. Nessie is 10 years old, meaning she's getting up there in age.

As she gets a little older, slower and lazier around the house, I've been thinking about ways to make her as comfortable as possible. After all, she's not a puppy anymore!

During one of my psychic phone readings with my trusted psychic, I brought the topic up about how I'm concerned about the well-being of Nessie.

With her special talents and ability to connect with animals spiritually, my psychic was able to tip me off as to how Nessie would like to be treated in her golden years - who knew animals could provide so much insight?

Nessie now has her own blanket to lie on in my bedroom, and she appears to be happier than ever.
Suzie is a guest blogger for Psychic Source. She's a 45-year-old mother of three children who enjoys yoga, painting and taking walks with her dog.

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