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My Life Affirming Mediumship Story by Psychic Raina

Date 6/5/2024
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My name is Psychic Raina and I am a psychic medium here at Psychic Source. One of the most life affirming experiences I've ever had as a medium is one morning I woke up. I was just having a normal day and I heard the name David. I kept hearing it over and over again and I thought, David, what do you want? But I didn't get a clear message.

I did get the feeling of him handing me a rose. So I wrote it down and I just left it. And about 8 hours later I received a phone call from a woman and she said I really just want to connect with my son. And I thought, OK, this is it. I said it's his name, David. And she said yes. And we just had this moment and she said how did you know? And I said he's been with me the whole day and she says does that mean he's thinking about me?

I said, well, not only is he thinking about you, but he's been waiting for you. And then in that moment, we just had this overwhelming, very visceral feeling of love come over both of us. And it was so incredibly tangible and strong, and it just confirmed that that he was with her. And then I said, you know, through the whole day I've been getting a rose. And she said, oh, that's our last name.

And I thought to myself, This is why I do this.


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Psychic Raina is a clairvoyant, intuitive, certified medium and Reiki Master. She has studied Tarot for more than 20 years as taught within hermetic mystery schools and is heavily influenced by Eastern Esoteric thought. Raina is well versed in symbolism, numerology, archetypes, and mysticism. Over time she has developed her own method to quickly access the secret knowledge contained within the tarot. Raina regularly teaches masterclasses on tarot mastery and tarot symbolism beyond the written meaning. Her decks of choice are the Thoth tarot and Rider Waite.  Her readings are non-judgmental, reality based and spirituality focused.


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