Mother Earth and my Experience

Published Date 10/3/2012
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Changing your mindset, embracing the Earth can do wonders to your outcome.

My mother has always called me the “Earth Child” saying I would hug trees everyday if I could, and she is right. I have hugged trees to ground my energy on several occasions. However, I now understand exactly why and wanted to share my experience.

I recently went on a beautiful camping trip to the mountains with three of my guy friends. The visitor’s center led us to a hidden “primitive spot” as he called it. I have always thought the only way to camp was to get away from everything. The drive was long, but well worth it for the spot we chose. It was the perfect set up with a place to build our campfire, massive trees all around, hiking trails, beautiful rock formations, and you could hear the running water from the creek behind us.  

Unfortunately for us, it started raining as soon as we arrived. We had the perfect tree formation for the tarp to keep us dry, and set up our tents right away. Their man pride was in full force considering we came prepared. Next step camp fire! “Primitive Camping” he had told us, and sure enough with all the rain, where were we going to find wood? The guys had gathered some branches, but everything was soaked. So they talked about it some, and started to worry.

Honestly, I am always preaching about how we have no reason to worry. We just have to change our mindset to the positive and tell ourselves that we will be provided for no matter what. I laughed about it all and told my friends “Mother Earth will provide us with dry wood, no worries.” As soon as I said it, branches came falling from the trees, and I had the image in my head of driving down further and loading the trunk full of dry branches. All three of them looked at me like I am crazy. They were completely surprised by the branches falling at the perfect time and by everything I was saying.

I led them straight to the spot! Amazingly enough, a row of freshly trimmed branches were lying under the trees with plenty of cover to stay dry. So, we loaded the trunk and had a blazing fire all night thanks to the “Earth Child” as they now call me! This was an amazing experience for me!

What made the experience even better is the younger college kids camping near us had bought fire wood thinking they were prepared. Needless to say they kept walking to us for help keeping their fire going. Luckily, we were there for them! 

I am living proof that with the right positive thinking, The Universe and Mother Earth will give you exactly what you need. All you have to do is state it! Now, my friends believe what I preach, and I’m sure they won’t be leaving me behind for any camping trips! Namaste!

Author's Photo by Indigo x8897

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