Meet our New Psychics Introducing Six New Faces to Psychic Source

Published Date 4/24/2012
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From the Psychic Source Archive

Psychic Source has some new faces and we couldn’t wait to introduce them to you! Our Service Delivery Team strives to bring the most gifted Psychics to our service, devoting much time to interviewing, recruiting and keeping an eye on the national Psychic buzz from expos, conferences and information surrounding our field. Here are a few Psychics we’re really excited about, who have agreed to visit our community to see if it is a fit. Read more about them then try a psychic reading and let us know what you think!   We were just as curious, so asked them a few questions. Psychic Source: “If we called someone who knows you well how do you think they would describe your personality?” Atala ext 8892: “They would describe me as confidant reputable, honest, sweet, loving, kind, and harmonious. I'm sure they would say that I know what I'm doing because I live and practice what I speak.” Psychic Source: “How long have you been doing this?” Atala ext 8892: “I have been reading for over 15 years. I’ve done private as well as phone consultations. I love this work!” Chanda 7133 Psychic Source: “What do you do when you cannot connect with someone.” Chanda ext 7133: “I am good at helping people solve their problems, so encouraging them to be open-minded helps a lot.” Psychic Source: “How long have you worked professionally as a psychic?” Chanda ext 7133: “I’m a Clairvoyant and have been doing this for 31 years.” Diana ext. 8890 Psychic Source: “How long have you been aware of your gifts?” Diana ext. 8890: “I was born with my psychic gifts.” Psychic Source: “What do callers usually call you about?” Diana ext. 8890: “I usually get calls from people seeking guidance on something or who want a sneak peek into what their future holds. I can lovingly help them find understanding and direction in regards to any challenges they are facing.” Eboni 8893 Psychic Source: "What do you try to stress during a reading?" Eboni 8893: "I tell people to bring an open mind. Any personal matter you have is fair game!" Psychic Source: "What is your background?" Eboni 8893: "I'm from England and West Indian and of Cherokee descent." Marlow 8888 Psychic Source: “How would you describe your readings?” Marlow ext. 8888: “I take a consultative approach, reading Tarot, doing Numerology and dream work with the intent of manifesting wishes.” Psychic Source: When and how did you discover you were gifted?  Marlow ext. 8888: “Well, I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but my birthday is Halloween and I have had a strong sense of intuition and an ability to read/ empathize with people all of my life. I have an extremely sensitive nature in general. It was not until my late teens and I started learning the cards, that I found having a visual "tool" for harnessing and focusing my gift was effective for me(the Tarot, of course).” Sebastian 8889 Psychic Source: “Why did you choose Psychic Source?” Sebastian ext 8889:  “I have done research on many of the sites offered as platforms for psychics. You test and I like that, and you also seem as though you have a site with much integrity. I was also recommended by another Psychic here who said how great you are. I have done research on the internet for unbiased reviews and have found you guys to have 4 and a half to 5 stars on the majority of reviews as well. This is a place I want to be a part of for my client’s sake to provide quality service to them.” Psychic Source: “How would people who know you describe you?” Sebastian ext. 8889: “I am a fun loving guy who is young at heart, but they would also say that I am very spiritual and calm too.  My friends often tell people that I am very REAL. Truth is extremely important to me so I give it to others as well. I am a listener and a friend. They would say I’m kind and a counselor, but I never hesitate to tell people what they need to hear when that is asked for.”  

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