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Published Date 9/11/2012
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Psychic Nicole discusses mediumship; what it is, how it works, and what to expect when receiving a mediumship reading.

Today I feel led to write a quick blog about mediumship; what it is, how it works, and what to expect when receiving a mediumship reading from me.

I cannot speak for every spiritual medium on Psychic Source, but I can give you some general guidelines and information that most authentic mediums I know follow.

So, here goes:

Q: What is a medium?

A: A medium is a person who can communicate with deceased loved ones, pets,  angels, and spirit guides. They are able to connect with entities who no longer exist in physical form.

Q: What information does a  medium need from me in order to connect with my loved one?

A: None. Authentic mediums don't require any information because during the reading they will give you personal details such as names, dates, and even how your loved one died. This process is called evidential mediumship. It is done to prove that the medium is truly connecting with your beloved & not simply pretending that there is a connection. If a medium asks for details, they probably are not an authentic medium. They should be providing you with personal information that you can validate not the other way around.

Q: What if the medium can't connect with my loved one?

A: This happens sometimes. I always pray that we connect with who is for your best and highest good. Try not force the reading to go into the direction you want it to. Sometimes, a co-worker may come through with an important message to give their family or the family member that you fought with in life may come through to make amends. It's not always who you want to talk with but who you need to talk with that matters.

Q: Does my loved one hear me & see me?

A: Yes. Actually, you can just talk to them the same way you did in life. They hear your thoughts & feel your emotions. So they know when you're thinking of them.

Q: Why don't I feel like they hear me?

A: Sometimes we are so deep in our grief that it's hard to feel a connection. But you can always tell when they come around if you dig deeper. Ever feel a change in temperature or swear you saw them just a few feet in front of you? Ever feel like you can't get them out of your head? That is your loved one trying to make contact. Oftentimes we have  a tendency to second guess what we see. My advice is don't! Trust that your loved one is near, and you will begin to experience more of what I just mentioned.

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: We don't die. We live on! When I do mediumship readings the loved ones always say that! They also tell me that our physical life is only a part of our existence, not our whole existence. There is life before our physical birth and life after our physical death.

You are eternal! Know that!

Want to know how to connect with your loved ones?

Here is a great book written by Alison Dubois, a gifted medium & motivational speaker: Don't Kiss Them Goodbye

Available everywhere books are sold!

Love Always,

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QueenG: Thank you for giving me some clarity. I will definitely tune into what the next time they appear in my head. :)

nancybowen: Yes, I am a great believer in the afterlife. I receive so many signs from my loved ones in the spirit world. I love the paranormal, and I am learning more.

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