Live to Love, Love to Live by Psychic Tina Lee

Published Date 10/12/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

What can you do to help the planet you live on?

I was reading an article recently about current economic problems, social unrest, and senseless wars. This got me thinking: It feels as if we are all on the brink of something new coming to change our lives, and it’s happening right now.  

Our Sun is at its most active peak, which is affecting seismic activity, causing us to warm up.  Every planet in our solar system is warming up!

The sun is affecting the DNA of everything on our planet.  During this activity, it causes easy excitability in earth, animals, and people.  

This is a process to a spiritual evolution that will allow mankind to raise consciousness.  We will remember who we really are and how powerful we are. Hopefully this will cause us to stop using up all earth's resources and rely on other inventions that only call for water and cellular power.  

The easiest way to get through these DNA changes is to embrace them and walk with love in your heart for every living creature.

If you live to love, you will love to live!
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