Learning the meaning behind the World tarot card

Published Date 8/29/2012
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Learning the meaning behind the World tarot card

You might think you know everything there is about tarot, but do you know the meaning behind each of the cards? Understanding them can help you get more out of your reading.

One card that may appear in your next reading is the World. This tarot card has several different meanings, some of which can be an indication of good things to come.

If the World appears right-side up in your reading, this card can signify resolution in your life. This might mean that something you have been struggling with is finally coming together, bringing you peace of mind.

However, the World can have a completely different meaning if it appears upside-down in your reading. The card can indicate a lack of completion in your life and the need for closure, whether it's in regards to your career, love life or friendships.

If you receive the World upside-down, you may want to step back and take a look at different aspects of your life - in turn, you can hone in on areas where you can make improvement.

To learn more about the meanings of the cards, speak to your psychic. He or she can help you make the most of your tarot reading every time.

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