Learning more about the meaning of the Knight of Cups

Published Date 10/28/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

Learning more about the meaning of the Knight of Cups

You might already know that tarot readers can give you insight into everything from your career to your love life, but do you truly understand the meaning of each card laid out in front of you?

One card that you might see in your next spread is the Knight of Cups, and understanding its significance can help you get more out of your reading. The actual Knight of Cups is represented by a teenage boy, which you will see on the card.

This can symbolize emotional ups and downs, and it also represents a tendency to fall into depression without warning. The Knight of Cups is relatively dreamy, moody and very spiritual. He is also known for going through extreme emotions - happiness one moment and anger the next.

If you receive the Knight of Cups during your reading, you should think about the state of your romantic affairs and take a moment to examine your true emotions. This card might also signify that you should harness your emotions and use them to pursue your passions, as well as unleash your creativity.

During your psychic reading, the card reader will be able to provide more information on the Knight of Cups. This type of reading can help you uncover underlying themes in your career, relationships and friendships.

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