Lapis Lazuli -- Can it Enhance Your Intuition?

Published Date 5/19/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Lapis lazuli - can it enhance your intuition?

Chances are, there are many gemstones in your jewelry box that have metaphysical properties and you don't even know it! Several people believe that gems derived from the earth have powers that promote everything from healing to extrasensory abilities.

One stone that you might already own is lapis lazuli. It's typically composed of various shades of blue, creating an exotic, unique look that's perfect for everything from necklaces to earrings.

However, many people believe that lapis lazuli has metaphysical powers as well. It's thought that this stone can improve intellect and insight into everyday situations. Lapis lazuli is also believed to bring out honesty in its owners. For this reason, it's perfect for individuals who are in a relationship and want to establish a foundation of trust.

Speak to your psychic if you're interested in learning more about the metaphysical properties of stones, as well as how crystals can provide insight into your life. Through a phone psychic reading, you can find out information about the stones and gems you already have at home. In the end, you may discover that you own many items with alleged powers!

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