Is Your House Haunted?

Published Date 10/28/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Do You Know The Signs Of A Haunting?

You might not think twice when you hear footsteps down the hall at night, but perhaps you should question these noises - they could be a sure sign of a haunting. While not everyone agrees on the existence of ghosts, some say that there are a few ways you can tell if there's one in your presence. Acknowledging this can help you either confirm or deny the assumptions you have about your house.

Legends of America stated that one of the most obvious sensations that people get is the feeling of being watched. Unexplained cold spots in certain areas of a home can also potentially indicate the existence of ghostly activity, and abrupt changes in temperature can also be a sign of a haunting.

If you begin to experience backaches, tingling sensations and the feeling of hair rising on your arms, the Spiritual Research Foundation claimed that these can also be symptoms of exposure to ghosts. Some people also believe that you can become more moody or tense when living in a haunted area.

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