Is the Page of Wands urging you to be more creative?

Published Date 1/17/2013
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Is the Page of Wands urging you to be more creative?

There's nothing like sitting down for a tarot reading and finding out more about your future. However, having a better understanding of the cards at hand can give you an advantage when it comes to deriving meanings from your readings.

One card that might arise during your next reading is the Page of Wands. Similar to other cards in a deck of tarot, this one has multiple meanings that depend on how it appears in the spread.

If the Page of Wands is drawn right-side up during your session, this can indicate that you might be suppressing some creative urges. It can be a sign that you would benefit from taking some time to pursue your passions and exert your creativity.

When the Page of Wands appears upside down during a reading, it can mean that you've tried going after your passions and it hasn't panned out for you. The reason is likely due to laziness or negativity - an upside down Page of Wands may indicate that you need to change your attitude.

Speak to your psychic if you're interested in learning more about the Page of Wands and other tarot cards. With additional knowledge, you can get more fulfillment from your readings.

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