Interpreting dreams of swimming

Published Date 1/10/2013
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Interpreting dreams of swimming

There's nothing like waking up from a dream and scratching your head, wondering what the vivid vision meant. One dream that many people have is of swimming, whether it be in a pool or the ocean.

If you've had this common dream before, there are a few meanings you can take away from it. One assumption is that a vision of swimming can indicate a feeling of confinement if you see yourself in a pool. If you're in the ocean during your vision, this might mean you're having trouble with your unconscious thoughts, according to The Huffington Post. However, the context plays a large role in the overall meaning of your specific dream.

For example, in the event that you're drowning as you try to swim, you may be struggling with an emotional conflict when you're awake. If you're swimming to get away from an individual, this can symbolize your intentions to run from your feelings.

Speak to a psychic who specializes in dream interpretation if you're concerned about your vision's meaning. A psychic chat can clear up any confusion and give you peace of mind before you lay your head to sleep.

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