Identifying the key signs of a haunting in your home

Published Date 9/8/2012
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Identifying the key signs of a haunting in your home

When it comes to hearing footsteps in the hallway in the middle of the night and seeing flickering lights, these events may lead one to think of a horror flick rather than real life. However, many people witness these occurrences in their own homes on a regular basis.

Although not everyone believes in the paranormal, there are several individuals who will tell you that ghosts are more than just a legend or a tale in a scary movie. There are numerous paranormal teams dedicated to helping families who have hauntings occurring in their own homes.

Whether you believe you have a ghost lurking in your house or you know someone who has become a victim of paranormal activity, there are a few ways that you can determine if a home is haunted. Before you call in a team or seek assistance from a professional to explain those noises in the middle of the night, take these symptoms of hauntings into consideration.

Footsteps, banging noises and tapping

Footsteps and other loud banging noises are common in the event of a haunting. While many people might attribute it to a settling house or a change in temperature affecting the floorboards, not all sounds can be easily explained - especially when they're noisy and occur on a nightly basis.

Electronic malfunctions

Ghosts are thought to use the energy in their environments in order to manifest and cause chaos, meaning that electrical items may be prone to malfunctioning in the event of a haunting. Be mindful of lights that flicker on and off or televisions and radios that operate on their own.

Shadow figures

It can be difficult to write off the probability of a haunting if you're regularly seeing shadow figures in your home. While you may not be seeing full-bodied apparitions on a routine basis, shadows can be enough to prove that there's an otherworldly entity sharing your living space.

Unusual scents

Do you regularly smell perfume or cologne in rooms when no one is home? This may be one way that a spirit is attempting to communicate with you and make its presence known.

If you think that you may have an unwanted ghost in your home, speak to your psychic medium for assistance. A psychic reading might be able to put you in touch with this spirit. This will give you the opportunity to communicate your wishes for him or her to leave.

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69Dawg69: Hello folks,I am here to say,yes.There is such a thing,what I simply call ghosts. I am actually sharing an apartment with a family of 4 ghosts.I am working in Gila Bend,Arizona.If I was'nt staying here I would be drivin another 30 miles 1 way.I have shared the same quarters with ghosts before and I have a, maybe its not simple for some folks,but it is in your mind.1 way is to not believe in them which basically is you don't even acknoledge them because you don't believe that crap anyway,RIGHT!The other way is if you find that there is something there so strongly that you would bet your last dollar on it, but find out that you are alone. Remember, the ghost don't want to be there either but it has to have a place too.The way you get around this is,remember,that ghost can't beat you up!If it was to take a swing atcha,it would go right thru you.Would't hurt ya a bit,you just mite feel really chilly with your hair standin strait up,which is kinda refreshin!Most ghosts are pretty harmless but if you come upon a surely one,this is what you must think and do.Remember,you are the boss of your world and no damn ghost is gunna run you off.If you can see this entity,whether a fog, shadowy figure,or a kinda actual figure. Look at them where you think thier eyes would be,In a commanding,vindictive,hoarsly,nothing can shake you,loud voice,say"Leave me alone,go away!" That is usually all it takes!Every once in a good long while you get a mean one, and it is just best to get the Hell out of Dodge! I hope this helps ya'll, good luck and God's speed, Bobby Dawg

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