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How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

Date 1/26/2021

Take Time to Prepare for Your Psychic Reading

Getting a psychic reading on a whim can be fun and entertaining, but the real value of a psychic reading experience comes through when you've prepared yourself to open to the wisdom of Spirit.  When you think about the questions that matter most to you, and put yourself into the right state of mind to receive answers, you will have a very different kind of experience.  In this video, Psychic Source Advisors share their tips for clearing your mind of distractions and opening yourself up to psychic information. 

Prepare some questions in advance

As with most everything in life, advance preparation is often the hardest part. You may be tempted to go into your reading ready to wing it, but you will have a better outcome if you first reflect on the areas of greatest concern. Rather than ask your question as a broad generality, for example, "What do you see in my future?" or "Can I have a general reading?" think instead about the part of your life that needs a little boost, or the question about your future that makes you feel a little anxious. Your Advisor is going to pick up all sorts of energy from you, so giving him or her something more specific to focus on will help make sense of a lot of potentially disconnected pieces of information. Jot down a few key, open-ended questions, and you'll get the reading off to a quicker start that ensures the best chance of getting what you need.

Clear your mind - and space - of distractions 

In our busy, multi-tasking world, it is all too easy to try to squeeze everything in at once. But you'll get the best psychic reading outcome if you give yourself the gift of focus, for that is what your Advisor will be doing for you. A psychic needs to see past the energetic clutter to discern a core essence or message that is intended just for you, and the best way to accomplish this is to be a partner in the experience. Find a quiet place, free of interruptions and distractions, and clear your mind for a moment, as you might do when meditating. This is your time, and whether you have given yourself 15 minutes or an hour or more to receive psychic guidance, you'll get the most out of your reading when you are emotionally, physically and spiritually present.

Have a notepad ready 

If you have decided to get your psychic reading by phone, you'll want to have ready access to paper and pen to take notes. Jot down key points the Advisor makes, and try to be as specific as possible. Make note of what resonates with you, as well as things that don't quite fit or make sense. The beauty of a psychic reading is that sometimes things which make no sense in the present moment are often revealed to be spot on in the future. After your reading is over, you can type your notes right into the Notes field for the reading in your online account, and refer back to them there for the next 90 days. Simply log on to your Account, and under Review Readings you'll find a tab for readings you have yet to review, and readings which you already rated and reviewed.  The Notes field is your personal space for reminding yourself of the information you received in the reading.

If you had a chat reading, make sure that you remember to copy and paste the chat into NotePad or a similar program on your computer before you close the chat window. You can prepare yourself for this step by reading information on how to save your chat in Customer Care section at psychicsource.com.


Video Transcript

Anthony: A psychic reading is a very special time and you should prepare. You get yourself into your most spiritual place, then call, you’re going to get the most out of your reading.

Leena: Just keeping the open mind, no TV on, no radio, so you can really talk one-on-one and get to hear what’s being shared with you.

Leslie: I always encourage people to give some thought to what it is they really need an answer to in the bigger picture.

Carmaleena: Write down questions so that you’re not in the middle of this, “Oh, my time's running out.” Be open with what it is you really want to know and come away with, then the decision is yours. The information that I have given you is for you to discern, does this resonate with you or not.

Leslie: The quality of the advice you get from any psychic, or any oracle card, or pendulum, or any divination system or person, is based on the quality of the question. So I think it’s worth spending a few minutes to see how big of a view can I get for this. Because when you got the high-level view you got the big plan, and you'll know how to make the many decisions within that plan.

Anthony: The best readings are dialogue, not a monologue. Either the client doing all the talking or me doing all the talking. It’s okay, not a great reading though. The give and take is the best reading.


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