How to Learn the Ancient Mystic Art of the Tarot by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 7/25/2018
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A collage of the major Arcana of the Aquarian Tarot.

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Obviously, I LOVE the Tarot. For me it is the power of symbolic reality that allows us to see beyond the physical limits of our mortal condition by using symbols the same way our dreams use symbols to give us a psychic reading every night! To begin your own journey to understand and practice Tarot yourself, start by seeing how symbols interact in your life through dreams, synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) and interactions with nature. This is the way to start to develop your psychic skills. 

My first experience with THE TAROT was a visual one. As a visual artist I was attracted first by the lovely paintings of the Aquarian Tarot by Palladini David. I really liked the “turn of the century art nouveaux” movement and the style of these lovely cards based on the traditional deck.  First introduced in 1970, the compelling art deco imagery in the now-classic Aquarian Tarot deck brought medieval tarot symbolism into the modern Aquarian age. Aquarian Tarot has remained a bestseller throughout four decades. (see photo to the right for a sample of the deck's appearance.) 

Now I use the Rider Waite deck created by Waite-Colman Smith or simply the Rider deck or Waite deck. The cards were drawn by illustrator Pamela Colman Smith from the instructions of academic and mystic A. E. Waite, and published by the Rider Company. The cards were originally published in 1910 by the publisher William Rider & Son of London. The following year, a small guide by A.E. Waite entitled The Key to the Tarot was bundled with the cards, providing an overview of the traditions and history behind the cards, texts about interpretations, and extensive descriptions of their symbols. 

My First Tarot Deck
I bought my first deck in 1978 at one of the original New Age Book Shops in my home town. I studied the book that came with it and used it for reference until I began to understand the basic meanings. From 1978 until 1990 I did the Tarot only for myself-using it to understand my own life and what I needed to do to find happiness and a closer relationship to the Poetic Mind of the Youniverse that I had already seen in my life through cosmic coincidences and dreams. 

But it wasn’t until I started doing readings for others that I realized the true mystic power of the Tarot! I resisted reading for others for a long time because I did not have the confidence to believe I could pick up on the life of others. But my friends literally begged me to read for them, and when I did they were always so amazed that I could know what they were going through by reading for them.

As the decades passed I noticed that I was always right in general although my interpretations and timing were often determined by the actions of others, or their lack of action. If the cards tell you to act, then it is up to you to make the reading come true by changing how you relate to the issues of your life and then acting to make it better. Otherwise what is the point to getting a reading if you don’t use the information to increase your understanding and joy in life? 

After almost thirty years of professional reading, I have now gained enough practice to see how certain cards and their placement in the “Celtic Star” layout I use (an expanded version of the traditional Celtic Cross layout) that I can be very confident in the fact that the cards can indeed read the future through symbols. I have had so many experiences of this fact that I can no longer deny its awesome spiritual power. 

The Power of the Cards
Below are just three examples of how the Tarot spoke to me and told me what I needed to hear to share with others…
When I told a student, who was taking a class from me, that her husband might unexpectedly have a major change in his life, even pass away if he wasn’t careful. Sadly, two weeks later he did unexpectedly pass away from a freak ski accident. I could not deny the awesome power of the Tarot to give us advance warnings of these major life shifts. 

When I told a woman she was pregnant and she laughed at me… and then found out two weeks later that she was indeed expecting; when I told a couple they would open a business together and they laughed in my face only to return for another reading two years later and tell me I was right and that they had unexpectedly gotten an opportunity to do business with a family member just like I had told them! 

When I once told a family member who was expecting a child that she would have a very special child that would be difficult at first but would become the greatest blessing of her life. She gave birth to a child with Down’s Syndrome who was a great blessing and the mother became the head of the Down’s Syndrome association for her area! 

I even hear every day that my readings come true: I do not need to guess or use pure intuition, I know the symbols can tell the future FOR A FACT! I have also developed my ability to use the symbolic language to connect to the Spirit World in a way that astounds me every time I do it! 

Finding YOUR Perfect Tarot Deck
My advice to you is to buy a deck that speaks to you-that thrills you with the art, or with their philosophy. (There are many different types of decks now including Arthurian, Medicine Wheel, Angel Cards, Oracle cards etc.; I use only cards based on the traditional deck myself, with the Major and Minor Arcana and the four suits: Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups.) Then shuffle up the cards (the random factor is where the magic always comes in) and to use it to see how the cards reflect your own life. Lay out the cards and see the symbolic story they tell and try to tell your friends that symbolic story as you find the symbolic key that will explain the cards and how they relate to each other to reveal a specific story! 

Then, when you are certain you know the basic meanings of the cards - GO FOR IT! Read for a trusted friend and watch the spiritual power and symbolic meanings create a psychic portrait of their lives and forecast a specific future. Lay out the cards and look them up in the book, buy a good book about the Tarot too, not just the little booklet that comes with the deck. There are many good books about the Tarot to use as references. I used “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” by A.E. Waite for many years, and I still refer to the book “TAROT” by Jane Lyle for information and inspiration. But the years I have had the honor to read on-line every day have increased by abilities greatly thanks to my excellent callers! All it takes is practice, practice, practice! Shuffle the cards and lay them out and soon you will develop your own unique relationship with the cards and their meanings. As with any art, the more you do it the better you get! 

May you have the courage to take your first steps and buy a deck that speaks to you and study it until you too can see the symbolic miracles unfold before you like I have. Any questions? Feel free to call me to discuss your unfolding journey to the collective unconscious and the infinity of being deep within us revealed in the symbols of your own dreams and reflected in the ingenious invention of the TAROT! It is a great joy to read for a fellow Tarot enthusiast!

Your own knowledge of the Tarot can really help you to appreciate your own readings even more!

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ohiogal44: Anthony, I wanted to let you know that you did a chat reading for me about a year ago...and the most important prediction you made, turned out to be exactly as you said it would happen, this past week. It happened, in the time frame you said it would, the manner in which it would happen and the wildest part is that, some of the details that you gave me at the time, I didn't understand then, but I sure do now. I would not have remembered this reading, but I printed it out and kept it...and found it folded into the pages of a book, just last night. And the prediction just happened this past are very, very good. Thanks for your insight.

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