How to Get the Answers You Want from Your Reading by Psychic Arthur

Date 7/17/2014

Get what you want from your reading EVERY time!

Get what you want from your reading EVERY time!

To get the very most out of any kind of psychic reading it’s often suggested to make a list of questions or topics that you’d like to discuss before the reading. Additionally, it’s also recommended to have an open and honest dialogue with your psychic.


Some people say, “Well, if you’re such a good psychic then you should know why I’m calling.” Not necessarily. First of all, psychics are not mind readers, so don’t expect a psychic to read your mind and tell you what you’re thinking. And while everyone knows 15 minutes can save you money on car insurance, did you know that how you ask a question can make or break a reading? Here’s the deal, if you ask questions that are vague and general, you’re probably going to end up with vague and general answers. So, asking a psychic, “What does my future hold?” or “What do you see?” is not likely to produce anything detailed in three minutes or less, since most psychics need to focus on something specific.


With this in mind, try to keep your questions as specific as possible. Also, if you’re looking for a simple “yes” or “no” answer, start your questions with “Will…” If you’re looking for more detailed and insightful answers, try phrasing your questions by asking “How…” “What…” or “Why...” Once a psychic taps into a particular topic or question, they’ll be able to give you a more detailed and satisfying reading.


It’s also best to avoid asking passive questions starting with “Should I.” Passive questions can sometimes inhibit the flow of your reading. So instead of asking: “Should I quit my job?” Try: “What is keeping me from moving forward with my job?”


Now, when it comes to psychics asking questions, the same people say the same thing: “Well, if you’re such a good psychic then you should know why I’m calling.” The main reason psychics ask questions during a reading is for validation. They want to make sure they’re reading the energies correctly and that they’re on the right track. A trustworthy psychic is not asking questions to gather information, so the last thing you want to do is simply sit there in silence thinking you might give something away. Interaction with a psychic during a reading is a very good thing, since even a simple, “yes, that makes sense” can keep the energy level high and flowing, which can ultimately lead to a better and more fulfilling reading.


Personally, since I use astrology, I ask for names and birthdates which help me to hone into the energies of the astrological sign of the caller and who they may be calling about.


The bottom line: Every psychic reads with their own style; however, think about phrasing your questions so that the answers that will help you empower yourself, make positive changes in your life, and allow you to move forward. 

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Mozart: Hi Arthur, It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning! Thank you for your wonderful insight & guidance. You were fast, direct, honest & straight-forward in picking up my questions on my job, finance & love..definitely I am looking forward to hearing from the suitable job offer/s that will contact me soon before mid October'14 (hopefully start 1 week earlier would be great), do also hope my finance will pick up well with this upcoming job you mentioned. As for questions on love, I do wish to hear from the guy we spoke about whom I really like & yearn to be with to contact me soonest by before end of October'14, thus I am crossing my fingers & pray that all will come heart & mind are more at ease after your reading..i will update you soon of the outcome & will certainly call you again!

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