How to do a Quick Divination to Make a Decision by Psychic Michelle

Published Date 9/28/2014
Category: Psychic Topics

Can't decide which way to go?

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It’s a beautiful day and you're out for a walk.  You find yourself contemplating things and want a quick answer. Look for a white stone and a black stone.  Hold them in your hand and think about your question.  Without looking choose a stone.   If you drew the white stone the answer is “yes.”  If you chose the black stone, your answer is “no.”  

You're at work and you need a quick answer.  You are looking at the jar of jelly beans on your desk.  Meditate on your question.  Close your eyes and pull out a jelly bean.  Which color did you get?  Here are some meanings that I use:

Yellow - yes
Pink - friendship
Red - love
Green - prosperity/growth
Orange - creativity is involved
Blue - Not now, healing needs to take place
Purple - work on the spiritual aspect
You're driving in your car and you see a skunk on the side of the road.  Skunks remind us to set barriers.  Or you see a robin.  Robin’s remind us of new beginnings!  Keep your eyes open as nature speaks to us in many ways.  

Answers are all around us.  We just have to look and trust our intuition.  

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