How to Choose a Psychic That's Right For You

Published Date 4/5/2016
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Choose the Right Psychic

Choosing the right psychic is more art than science. While the data can help - reading reviews, specialties, tools, gifts - it's really all about the chemistry, or connection. Picking the right psychic is "a lot like picking the right doctor or the right therapist. You want to choose someone you have chemistry with, that you can communicate with easily."

Know Yourself

Are you a grounded, earth sign who looks for a very pragmatic approach and direct manner, or an intuitive water sign that wants spiritual support in digging down deep, regardless of what you may find in the depths of your psyche? Do you feel listened to and supported when the person you're speaking to matches your same energy in response? Or do you seek someone who maintains a gentle, compassionate style, regardless of your emotional energy, when sharing your deepest feelings and secrets? The better you know your own communication style, personality and preferences, the better you can zero in on the Advisor style that works best for you, so that you can really hear what your psychic has to offer. 

What perspective do you want to receive? 

Perhaps you're tired of feeling like you're banging your head against a wall, trying to get through to your partner. Might a male or a female perspective help you see things from a different angle and gain fresh insight? Would you like a spiritual perspective on your question or situation, to help you make sense of the 'bigger picture?' Are you looking for predictions of what will happen and when, or are you open to insight about the choices you face and how those choices may play out for you in the future? Being clear about your needs may help you determine if the Advisor you have chosen is meeting your expectations within the first few minutes of the reading.  

What if you don't feel the connection? 
If you don't feel a connection, please don't feel that you need to stay in your reading in hopes that it will get better. Give it a few minutes, but if the chemistry isn't there, it is perfectly ok to tell the Advisor you don't feel the connection and need to hang up. It's not like you have to suffer through a bad blind date, or are sitting in the psychic's home and can't get up and leave. You can even simply hang up. That's the beauty of a service like Psychic Source: we want you to feel comfortable with your psychic Advisor and we make it easy to choose another if you're dissatisfied.

Gaining Multiple Perspectives
One of the best things about using Psychic Source is the ability to try new types of psychics and types of psychic readings. Each reading modality brings a fresh perspective; each Advisor offers their own interpretation on what they are sensing. Have fun with this! By trying new kinds of readings and choosing new Advisors, you're likely to discover new things about yourself, and find a few new favorites along the way. 

Video Transcript

Dan: Picking the right psychic is vital. It's so vital.

Karenna: It's a lot like choosing the right doctor, choosing the right therapist. You want to find somebody that you have chemistry with, that you can communicate with easily.

Delia: I feel a client should really look at the picture, say the name, and get that feel. Is this someone that I can connect with?

Leena: Something will draw you. It might be the way that they sound. It could be if you have the image, the way that they look. I always say, “Go with your intuition.”

Delia: Because, oftentimes, that answer will come right from the gut because it's there.

Karenna: One of the great things about Psychic Source is they give you every tool you need to decide whether or not you have chemistry.

Dan: Because you have to look at how you naturally are. If you're someone like me, who needs a layout, step-by-step, very methodical way of being, then astrology is something that would probably be good for you.

Colin: The other thing is the directness. Do you like a direct, compassionate style? You've got to find that thing that connects with you.

Dan: If that's not you, that's not your personality, and you're more of a sensitive, intuitive person, like most water signs tend to be, then you may want to go with just an empath.

Colin: Think about what perspective you want to receive. Being a male reader, a lot of people call me, at times, because they're ready for a male perspective on a situation.

Judy: My advice to you would be to make the call and stay on for a few minutes, and see if you feel like you can have that connection with the person.

Karenna: So if you are actually talking with a person and you find within the first moments that the chemistry isn't there, none of us are going to have our feelings hurt if you go to the next psychic.

Leena: You've always got to listen to what pulls you first, and that will guide you. And that's the best thought.

Dan: When the connection is there with a client, it’ know it.

Delia: We're always put together for a reason, so whether the client realizes it or not, they're very intuitively being guided to the right Advisor for them.


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