How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Cold Reading by Psychic Rheda

Published Date 12/8/2013
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Rheda's abilities extend far beyond phone readings.

Psychic Readings come in various packages, decorated with all types of clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient bows. Intuitive psychics, empathic psychics, teaching psychics, past, present, and, you guessed it, future psychics.  This vast array of ‘psychic hats,’ can lead to total chaos if one is not well educated on the differences and similarities. 

Much like changing fashion trends, psychics—more modernly known as advisors—have evolved over the years.  Still, they seem to have one basic common denominator: good old-fashioned, entertaining giddy-up and ‘good grief’ (trial and error).  

The challenge lies in finding the best ‘hat’ for the job, which is far from easy. Any self-respecting fashion-conscience soul will tell you “it’s all in the accessories;” the advisor and the advised alike; the fit must be glove-like if it’s going to be a hit on the runway.  Depending upon the advisor’s background, one may be more comfortable with a particular reading style, vocal accent or tone (not to mention, whatever arsenal of tools a particular advisor chooses).

Have you ever heard of “cold readings?”  In short, a cold reading is a technique used to analyze the physical attributes of a person (hairstyle, age, culture, etc.) to gather obvious information and make generalized statements that would apply to any person.  This method of reading chiseled away at the validity and credibility of authentic psychics for generations. 

An anxious or first time client would fall scrutiny to cold readings because of their eagerness to connect.  This type of one-on-one reading is nothing more or less than physical, emotional and cultural profiling. When a person is face to face during a cold reading, it can be difficult for even the most gifted psychic reader to concentrate on the energy rather than the obvious.  

Chosen ones, truly gifted souls, can also lean toward cold readings if they don’t remain vigilant for the warning signs. And cold reading is not limited to reading in person; it can also be integrated during a phone session.  Much akin to reading a hair style, mannerism, or designer bag for clues face-to-face, the advisor can read the tone of one’s voice, the accent of a particular region and even pauses or silence between dialogue. 

These are a few of the most obvious and distinguishable differences between face-to-face, phone and chat readings.  For this reason, perhaps chat is the best of all reading types and yet, it’s often overlooked by avid believers and seekers of the art of psychic reading as an impossible way to connect. But to the skeptic, chat readings can be particularly trusted. 

If you can wrap your head around these next few statements, you’ll see that psychic readings online may prove to be the most fashionable ‘hat,’ on the psychic runway.  

1. While engaging in a chat reading, the advisor must rely solely upon basic information and his or her own connection with guides, ascended masters and teachers, or the spirits of departed loves ones.
2. A particularly beautiful connection often occurs between a medium and a client seeking to connect with the energy of a departed loved one.  This is validated by the countless chat sessions which unveil dates, names, locations and other details only available to the client.
3. Chat readings can be the most private, focused and sometimes the most accurately validating of a genuine spirit world connection.

Depending upon your personality, typing speed and intellect, chat readings just may be the best ‘chat in the hat!’ And the cat’s is finally out of the bag! Top of the day!
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