How The Tarot Helped Save a Relationship - A Real Life Example by Psychic Therese

Date 4/2/2021
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How can a Tarot reading help save a troubled relationship?

How can a Tarot reading help save a troubled relationship?

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In her first article, Psychic Therese explored how she is able to use the Tarot to help “peel away” and reveal the truth of situations.  If you missed it, check it out here. Now, in part 2 of her series, Therese shares a real life example of a recent Tarot reading to better help you understand how her process works.  Please note, all names have been changed for confidentiality, but the story and reading is based on actual events.

In the past, a girl, whom I will call Lola, was dating a great guy whom I will call John.  Problems were cropping up and she called me to help her thru this confusing love debacle. As Lola reported to me, these two were very much in love, things were going along very well, for a couple of years, then the subject of marriage came up. They both agreed to set the date and looked forward to a new life together. John bought her a ring, she wore it proudly, they started the wedding plans and all was well.  

For a few weeks.  

Then, for no apparent reason, John got increasingly irritable, finding fault with her regarding small inconsequential things. They started fighting. He started staying out late with the guys, seeing her less and less and when he did show up, he was seriously under the influence, which was not his style in the past.  When Lola tried to come closer to him, questioning what was wrong, John would lash out at her, and storm off. Finally, he said, after one of their big fights, that he needed space and he broke off the engagement.  

Using the Tarot to Peel Away the Layers

Lola was heartbroken and completely in the dark as to what had happened.  John, to me, in my psychic sense, still loved her, but I needed to focus in on him with the cards, as well.  I used the Celtic Cross spread, asking my guides and the cards how he was feeling about the whole thing.  

In the center of the layout, I got a reversed King of Wands amplified by the Seven of Cups, (denoting anger and confusion). In some of the other areas, I got the Devil Trump (fear) and a reversed Ace of Swords (pressure). There were several swords, denoting darkness and internal conflict. All in all, he looked frustrated, hurt, afraid and not sure what was going on.

As our reading continued, I threw the cards again to get more clarity about John’s state of mind, and a reversed Queen of Swords popped up in the area of the spread that designated the past.  This reversed Queen of Swords represented another woman, one that was quite harsh and manipulative. 

I then laid down more cards to amplify that area, this gal’s negative traits were magnified by the arrival of the Seven of Swords (a cheater, a “taker”). She had been a possible fiancé, as shown by the reversed Ten of Cups (a marriage that didn’t take place, a broken engagement) next to her.  

Digging Beneath the Surface

Then, I shuffled and did another spread, amplifying what I was seeing about this woman, this past relationship and how it all affected John. In the center, the Three of Swords appeared (painful breakup), then the Nine of Swords (emotional pain, dark night of the soul), which told me that she must have scarred his heart badly and made him very fearful of ever getting engaged again, let alone married.   

Still curious, I did a separate reading on this other woman during her time with John and in that spread, I saw the Five of Swords appear in the center, (deception) along with the reverse King of Cups (another man). It appeared that this woman had cheated on him and in the end, looked to me, like she had scammed him out of a lot of money, too due to the presence of some reverse pentacles (negative money aspects) and the reverse Magician (con artist). 

Lola was aware that he had been engaged many years before, but John simply said “it didn’t work out.” In the work I did with Lola, I saw that John had buried all these hurts, fears and unprocessed conflicts from the past, and they were now coming back, like old ghosts, to haunt him, as his new engagement was evolving.  

Coming At It From All Angles

I wanted to investigate if John still harbored any feelings for this woman from his past.  I did a spread on that, and when I asked how he currently felt about her, in the center I got I saw that Three of Swords (total breakup) and in the area denoting how someone regards the issue emotionally, I got the Death Card (this relationship was finished)!

While John was “over” this other woman and still loved Lola, he was in a whirlwind of emotions that he couldn’t decipher.  So he sabotaged their relationship with bad behavior and basically, he ran away. But because he was still calling and texting her a few times a week, I suggested that she just invite him out to dinner, no pressure, just friends spending some time together.  

Before we moved forward I wanted to make sure that her invitation would be well received by John, so I took a look. In the cards, I saw the Ace of Cups (love, positivity) in the center, then the Three of Cups (celebration) next to it.  With both my psychic vision and the cards, I felt that this was definitely the move to make.  

I suggested that she try, during this evening when the time was right, to talk about her own fears and her relationships from the past and how this engagement to John had brought up a lot of “old stuff” for her that she was just now working through. Keeping the focus on herself, not on John.    

The Future Looks Bright

I got a call from Lola the next week, she had followed my suggestions, and during their dinner, John told her that he, too, had a lot of old baggage that came up, after he and Lola got engaged. 

He told her about the woman I had seen from the past, how they had gotten engaged, she cheated on him, and, adding insult to injury, never gave him back the expensive diamond engagement ring.  John said he began to realize that that Lola was his future and that he didn’t want the ghosts of the past to cause him to lose this current relationship.  

Lola told me that they started back together slowly, but last time I spoke to her, they were   seeing each other regularly, John was his old loving self and she was wearing the ring again. And she and I both saw marriage in their future!

Now, not every story has this neat and tidy of an outcome, but I felt that telling this story was a good illustration of how my work with the Tarot flows and the great benefits to be had by delving into the psychic realm!

Tarot month continues all April long. Please return next Friday as Therese reveals why she chose the specific Tarot deck and the spread she uses in her readings.


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annastacia: Thank you Therese for all this worthwhile information! Truly precious, and you, lovely.

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