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Published Date 7/27/2013
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Do you know how to recognize a message from your spirit guide?

When I feel spirits touch me I get chills or goose bumps. It’s them letting me know they're there or they want me to know that I’m receiving their messages correctly. Sometimes they show themselves as an orb or apparition. I receive impressions through images, scenes, numbers, sounds, lights, smells and feelings. Additional messages are received through Angel and Tarot Cards. I relay what comes through as a messenger for the spirit. 
Spirits come to me for many reasons but it’s usually to share messages of hope and offer help to their loved ones. Sometimes they want them to know they’re healed and safe; other times they want them to know that they’re still around helping, guiding and protecting. Often they want to let someone know they’re there for them during the grieving process. Some come to let someone know that they’re always only a thought away. Many times spirits come through to offer encouragement to their loved ones to be happy and healthy or to acknowledge and show approval when life changes occur. They share messages about letting go of pain, resolving issues, forgiving others, healing and believing. They remind others to relax, take care of and nurture themselves and each other. 
Loved ones come through to give their energy to help us heal, accept, let go and be at peace. Spirits see, hear and feel when we dance, play and create. Some come to express gratitude or to offer/seek forgiveness. They want us to know that even after pain and loss, life continues; there are no endings only new beginnings. Often they'll acknowledge family gatherings, birth announcements and other happy occasions—they want it known that they’re still a part of it all. 
 When spirits come through they encourage people to acknowledge them. Spirits can be felt, heard, smelled or dreamed of (however you accept them). Messages can be sent through music, books, electronics or other people. They might move things or leave stuff such as coins, marbles or feathers. Their words can even come through a stranger. A butterfly, ladybug, dragonfly, bird or other significant animal can be a sign of a loved one sending love. 

Whether they're trying to relay specific messages, receive acknowledgement or help to find something lost; I am always grateful to help spirits share their messages. I'm happy to share to others that the spirit of a loved one lives on, guides, protects and evolves—connected always to them through love and light. 
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