How is an Empath Different than a Psychic? by Psychic Jeremy

Published Date 10/26/2014
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Should you contact an empath?

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Not every psychic is an empath and not every empath is a psychic, though we share like abilities. Being a psychic is an amazing gift. But being an empath, to me, is something a little extra special!

Every psychic, medium, empath and those who choose not to label themselves are all unique and share a beautiful gift from our Creator.  I personally feel that no reader is better than another.  We all just receive our information in different ways.  There’s no one certain way, but this article is about my journey and techniques as an empath.

Being an empath, in the deepest sense of my ability, literally means that I feel what others feel.  Growing up, before I began studying and developing my abilities, this was hard because I would be depressed/happy/angry for no reason.  I would be reading people without knowing it.  It still can be a battle to shut it off which can allow a change in my mood when around those in a place of heightened emotions.

However, being an empath, at least for me, means so much more than just feeling emotion.  As an empath you can tune into people, situations, pets (there is no limit here) and in doing so I feel through them.  I feel as they do.  It’s not just sensing their emotions, I live through them in the reading.  And emotions are merely projections the spirit gives off in regards to outside circumstance. 

So what does this mean?  As an empath, it can be relatively easy to not just feel what you’re tuning into but to really hit the tip of the iceberg.  From there you can feel, through that emotion, the thought patterns, worries, cares, etc. There’s no limit to how far you can go using this gift.  Add to that the normal psychic ability we all hold and the various specialties most of us focus on to practice and in a reading you can have an amazing insight into just about any person, relationship or situation you need guidance on. 

Being an empath is a powerful gift and one to be used responsibly.  But, like all gifts, when used with love and in the light of the Divine, there’s no better feeling than knowing you can help someone.  This is why I’ve devoted my life to my abilities and to my beliefs, working as a minister, psychic medium, empath, energy psychometrist, healer and energy worker. 

Knowing that you can and have helped someone, no matter how big or small their problem and truly knowing that you’ve made a difference… that to me is the real gift.

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