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Published Date 3/5/2014
Category: Psychic Topics

Tarot cards have a certain mystery about them.

My favorite deck to use is the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. I like the drawings by Pamela Colman Smith; she’s most known for the illustrations on the back of the cards. I am also an artist, so her images work well for me with the Kabala path of human experiences. These cards speak to high spiritual aspirations of attaining inner wisdom and insight; they also are address common life conditions. Tarot has been with us a long time before the Knights’ Templar, Gypsies, or Cathars and many people had used them for their pictorial gospel.

I’ve read over 300 books on Tarot and have even written my own. I’ve also created and designed a few layouts that are amazingly accurate and helpful. However, during chat readings I work fast with intuition by following a specific question; I create what’s necessary in the moment.

I don’t actually need to use a tool, but tarot cards help me go quicker and be able to speak rather than be quiet and go inward. Being quiet is fine in person, but on the phone some persons get uncomfortable. I honor your time and expense, therefore I work as quick as the information comes in. I often have to slow images that I receive so the client will understand. Yes, I get answers immediately. 

I use the cards to support impressions and intuitive knowing. My cards, the angels, and my guides and yours have a symbiosis. We’re in a dance of life orchestrated by your intent and question. We all work for the greater good—for you.
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