How I Receive My Messages: The Process Explained by Psychic Laney Marie

Published Date 1/25/2014
Category: Psychic Topics

Ready to enter the spirit world?

"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey." -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Quick! Think back to this past Christmas. Where were you that morning?  What were you wearing?  What images are you receiving?  Coffee in hand or mimosa?

The memories and information that come to your mind–the images of that day–immediately come forward and your mind’s eye replays the happenings, the colors, and perhaps even the scents.

This is basically how YOUR information (and sometimes your loved ones in Spirit) comes to me in my mind’s eye.  Pretty simple, right? Well, usually!

Depending upon how open you are to Spirit, information can come to me very quickly and decisively in this way.  Sometimes I get pieces of your puzzle a bit at a time and try to make sense of it all, even if a piece or two remains missing.  It’s as if a movie is playing over and over in my head.

Many times during a reading, a loved one (or three) budges in, disregards the question you asked, and sends me their own messages for you!  I’m noticing each week that these are where I get my initials from (Ex: “Who is the M initial please??”).  I just LOVE when the spirit won’t get back on track, even when asked!  But a lot of the time they want to personally answer your question, as if I’m not good enough.

Not everyone is truly open to Spirit and some people feel getting a reading is purely “for entertainment purposes only.” But is you’re open to it, it’s not.  If you open yourself up to God–to your own Spirit–you’ll be astonished at the enlightenment and peace that floods into your life!  Having a Psychic Source Advisor is like having a “friend with benefits!” No, not those kind of benefits—you know what I mean!  We’re always here to talk and guide you using our sensitive gifts in concert with your own guides and energy.  

Checking in with God and connecting spiritually keeps our spirit healthy. This is so important!  A healthy spirit can receive information in the purest of ways.

If you haven’t watched the movie Avatar yet, I strongly suggest you do!  This movie’s depiction of entering a body (and the different worlds) is truly the best example I’ve found to explain “we are a spirit encased within this body right now” to my own family.  And “this body” is perfectly created to fulfill your personal assignment(s).   Along our way, it’s important to ask for help and to enjoy every moment, every challenge, and every celebration in life!  
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