How I Developed My Gift by Psychic Carmaleena

Published Date 11/13/2013
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Carmaleena didn't realize how unique her gifts were.

Psychic abilities often run in families.  However, my family never classified the gifts as psychic abilities.  In other words, I didn’t have a family member guide me or help me develop my psychic abilities.  

I was born being able understand and feel the emotions of others. I’ve always had an intuitive sense about people and their situations. It was so natural that as a young child I thought everyone could do this.  

I feel as though my parents didn’t completely understand that I was intuitive by nature—just a child with a vivid imagination.  

My family didn’t talk about my gifts outwardly, but they didn’t discourage me either. I was fortunate because many times children are told they’re wrong in their psychic gifts and this can lead these abilities diminishing.  Luckily my sharing of my insights wasn’t thwarted.

It was high school when I finally realized that others did not experience the same knowing and predictions.  When I this with friends, I often got a response commonly known as the “deer in the headlights.”  This surprised me because I just thought everyone had inner an inner-knowing.

When I was in my early 30’s I became involved in a “new age” fellowship.  When I gathered with the group it became obvious to me that I needed to express my insights.  I would deliver “messages” to individuals and to the larger group.  These messages were classified as prophecies, not psychic abilities, which can be considered similar. 

Once I started on this particular path, my psychic abilities became more pronounced.  I began to realize that my insights were right on target, and I began to experience a knowing about situations that manifested itself.  This was all very encouraging—it made me realize this is a gift I have this is not “the norm.”

Being in the “new age” arena that I described above was what really built my confidence and gifts.  People sought me out to help them with their problems.  Even in the secular world I was trusted as a confidant who “knew” what was happening with people and their lives.  In the secular world, although I was not viewed as a psychic, I was looked upon as a “wise woman” who could be trusted to provide guidance.

Today I’m using my psychic abilities via Psychic Source.  This continues to be a great opportunity and a privilege for me that I’m truly thankful for.
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