How Empathic Abilities Help During a Reading by Psychic Narnia

Date 9/18/2020
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An empath can feel the emotions of others.

An empath can feel the emotions of others.

People wear masks all the time.  Sometimes it’s purposeful, like if you don't want to be at work but you smile at your coworkers to be polite. Other times people don't even realize they’re wearing a mask; such as when someone is super interested in you but they hide their interest because they’re afraid. They have no conscious realization that they’re hiding behind a mask. 
This is why being empathic is important. Those of us who can read people's emotions can feel what’s going on underneath the mask. Instead of having to rely on what people actually tell or show, I can pick up on what is going on deeper inside.
Being an empath is very difficult sometimes because I’m tapping into someone else's raw, intense feelings, which can be exhausting. Plus it can lead to confusing readings because people don't always act on these intense emotions.  Sometimes fear get in the way or the conscious mind won't follow through on what the heart wants.  It can be very contradictory.
That’s why I don't rely solely on my own empathic abilities when I give readings. Instead of just relying on the person's feelings, I use the Tarot and my own abilities to pick up on emotions to give a more comprehensive look at the entire situation. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk and can still lead to confusion, but it’s much more accurate than just reading the Tarot (or the person's energy and emotions) alone.  Combining the two techniques usually gives a clearer picture of what’s going on in the present and the future.
I think the best use of my empathic abilities is helping people understand their loved ones and why they do what they do.  It’s more important to know why the person is acting or behaving the way they are at the moment than knowing what’s to come—especially when their actions don't match their words or they say nothing at all.
A deeper understanding of the motivations and feelings underneath a person can really go a long way in a difficult relationship.  Sometimes I even help clients understand their own feelings better and why they react a certain way. I’m glad my empathic abilities can give my clients clarity into the confusion around them and their loved ones—and even with themselves.
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henok10: that makes alot of sense.....cnt wait to get a reading from you.. thank you.

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