How Do You Know If You're Psychic? by Psychic Danielle

Date 9/2/2022
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Spirit always confirms the truth!

Spirit always confirms the truth!

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Have you ever wondered how to differentiate between your own thoughts and psychic information that arrives telepathically or from Spirit? 

This question put me in mind of a story of the centipede, which walked every day of his life effortlessly despite his many legs. One day, a ladybug stopped the centipede and commented on how much she and the community admired the agility and speed with which the centipede walked. The ladybug went further to ask: “How do you know which leg to move first?” The centipede stopped a moment to contemplate the question, answering that he hadn’t really thought about it before. When he wanted to continue on his way, the centipede found he was paralyzed. It seems that when he stopped to think about which leg to move first, he couldn’t move at all.

When my eldest brother was five years old he was walking with my parents through what today we would call a strip mall. Losing sight of him for a moment, my parents frantically searched and quickly recovered him seated at a piano in a music store two doors down. He was playing Bach, as if he had been a student for years. Of course with the help of a credit card, a piano was purchased that day and my brother has been able to play anything he hears once, academically correctly, without studying.

Receiving Messages from Spirit

Like the fictional centipede and my very real brother, I have been able to discern my own thoughts from spiritual messages for as long as I can remember. My own ideas come from my brain, and messages, insights, or answers coming from Spirit originate in another place both in my solar plexus and in my spiritual mind. Vernacular can be so limiting. Years of experience with the Holy Spirit, my Angels, and my guides have taught me to rely on them. 

Although I would never consider placing demands for assistance on anyone or anything in this world or the next I do not hesitate to politely ask for help when it’s needed. I prefer a relationship of mutual thoughtfulness, and so I always ask and say thank you, just as I would with someone on the corporal plane. I do have occasions when something seems so unlikely that I ask for several confirmations. The Spirit always confirms the truth, if I pay attention. There are times when I am told that a thing will not be revealed to me or to a client for whatever reasons. I simply accept the silence with gratitude. 

Trusting your Other Senses

There is seeing without the use of eyes and there is hearing without the use of ears. When I’m reading for a client, my hearing is not audible, and my seeing is not visual, but the results of following the guidance I receive are empirical. I suppose when one lives enough years with concrete manifestation from thought, feeling, and vision that originates in the abstract, one learns to trust in their other senses. All humans, to one degree or another, are wired for a much greater consciousness than we now realize, and arguably, Gary Gustov, author of the “Seat of the Soul” describes us all as multi-sensory beings. He contends that within all of us is the capacity to develop and use all of our many senses beyond our five most commonly understood. 

I believe the most significant component for expanding one’s own psychic skills is acknowledging that we all possess these abilities to one degree or another, practice developing our senses, and have confidence in what we experience. How many times have you had a gut feeling, an instinct, or a knowing and talked yourself out of your primary response? 

Next time this happens try practicing The 3 T’s:  


If one practices silently listening, you will be amazed at what you can know intuitively. It is also true that when a strong desire, fear or any other compelling emotion or attachment is present, it can be difficult to hear clearly. That is why I turn to others for readings about myself, and that is why I am so delighted to be available to help the many dear ones who turn to Psychic Source when they seek clarity or guidance. 

In closing I will share one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors: “Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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