How Do Psychic Mediums Communicate with Spirits During a Ghost Hunt? by Psychic Kimberle

Date 4/23/2020
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All Ghosts are Spirits... but not all Spirits are Ghosts

All Ghosts are Spirits... but not all Spirits are Ghosts

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There are two kinds of people when it comes to ghost hunting: "Count me in!" or "No way, that's terrifying!"

Does the idea of ghost hunting give you a rush of adrenaline and chills up your spine making your hair stick up? If you plan on attempting this without the aid of a professional medium there are some things you should know first:

How to Prepare
What does a professional athlete do to prepare for a big sporting event? They eat well, sleep well, stretch, and pray. If you ask a professional psychic medium what they do to prepare for a ghost hunt they will likely tell you to eat well, sleep well, meditate, use a grounding and protection technique, and pray! Ghost hunts and exercises of protection go hand in hand.

All Ghosts are Spirits – Not all Spirits are Ghosts
When a person has a physical death, his or her soul usually hangs around until after the funeral or until they feel their loved ones are adjusted (days, weeks, or even years) before they head home into the light, which is the ultimate goal. Souls at this point are not considered ghosts. Ghosts are spirits that are Earth-bound because their passing may have been a tragedy and they have chosen to wait for a loved one; their passing may have been rage filled or involved drugs or foul play; they may simply not want to accept that their body is dead.

How Do the Professionals Do It?
Most psychic mediums use their guides to connect to the highest vibration or frequency of light they can access. Similar to an athlete, the more you meditate and use your abilities, the easier it is to connect quickly to the higher frequencies. When a professional medium connects to the higher frequencies they trust their guides to allow themselves to merge with the spirits with the intention to help clients or bring messages of love. Ghosts do not have access to the higher frequencies and have likely not evolved very much since their passing could have been many years ago.

Why Can a Ghost Hunt be Tricky?
You really don't want to merge with these spirits as much as gather information and offer them options without interfering with their free will. For example, if the ghosts are in an abandoned building and not bothering anyone, the intention may be to offer them knowledge about entering the light or just learn their story. If you're interacting with ghosts that are sharing a home with someone and not cooperating, you have a different way of getting them to respect the space and go elsewhere.

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Agatha7008: Thank you Kimberle... I tend to pick up emotional energy in waves at different times... more so recently. My passed Mom, a peaceful guide, and God's direction. I'm learning more about me as time passes through out the days and appreciate your teachings.

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