How Can Jadeite Impact Your Life?

Published Date 9/3/2013
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How Can Jadeite Impact Your Life?

There's nothing like the beauty of gemstones such as jadeite, but some of these pieces are also thought to have metaphysical properties that can benefit you in all aspects of life. Gain an understanding of what the stone may be able to do for you.

Jewels Empire, a fine art jewelry site, claimed that this gem is thought to stabilize your mood. Some believe that it can even help with matters pertaining to blood pressure. In the Far East, it's been long thought that jadeite can provide you with spiritual protection as well. After you've been through emotional turmoil, you may want to seek out this stone for rehabilitation purposes.

Others claim that jadeite has the ability to heal the body and deter fatigue. In Chinese tradition, Shimmerlings stated that the gem is believed to represent wisdom, compassion, justice and modesty. This might make you think more deeply about how jadeite affects your inner self.

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