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How Can a Psychic Help?

Date 1/26/2021

How Can a Psychic Help?

In this video, Psychic Source Advisors explain the unique benefits to psychic advice that you can't get from a therapist or other kind of counseling relationship. For example, a therapist is unlikely to help you to see the connection between your present circumstances and a past life, yet this might be influencing you even more than something in your immediate past. An astrologer can look into the cycle of planetary movements and suggest any number of phases you may be entering or exiting that are uncannily accurate. An empath can sense into the feelings of a loved one, and tell you what he or she is thinking or feeling about you. Psychic readings give you an additional source of information that you can't get anywhere else, and the freedom to ask any question without feeling judged or worried that it will come back to haunt you.

Psychic Readings Provide Past, Present and Future Perspective
A gifted psychic can tap into information that reveals an important dimension of your past, an issue or circumstance you are facing in your present, and a decision or opportunity that may be coming in the future. This broader perspective can be helpful to you in deciding how you want to take action or respond. But please remember that psychics are ordinary people, not magicians. No matter how gifted the psychic is, he or she can only provide sound and meaningful spiritual advice. You have free will and responsibility for your actions and decisions.

Video Transcript

Levana: Every counseling space you go to offers a different perspective.

Leslie: One of the things I don't think a therapist would necessarily talk to you about, for example is whether or not there are karmic influences going on in your life, or past lives, that might bring forth a trauma that can't really easily be addressed by looking back into your childhood, for example. I would never be the type of person to say, "Don't go to a therapist. Don't talk to your clergy." I look at mine as offering an additional perspective on things.

Colin: I feel psychic advice provides an additional tool in helping you make some big life decisions.

Levana: You're choosing at a level where your whole future is impacted by your decision today. You're choosing at a level where your whole past comes together and determines where you head from here. There's so many different levels, and I think it's nice we don't always think of that, because it could be a little bit overwhelming. And so my job is to take care of all those bits.

Leslie: To help them access their spirituality, and some practitioners will, such as clergy, but I find with clergy, they come through rather specific viewpoints that are associated with whatever religion they have. When I'm working with spirit guides and guardian angels, they assure me they're all in the same club, so that we're all part of one source, that we all have an inner-connectedness. So I think it's a broader perspective that sort of supplements with whoever else they're working with.

Delia: There's a real freedom here, in being able to ask my questions, state my concerns, and look for the counsel with no judgments and no worries.

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