Help a Troubled Soul Move On by Psychic Clare

Published Date 10/31/2014
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If you're not sure how to deal with a ghost, consult a psychic medium.

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Are you afraid of ghosts? You shouldn’t be.

You don’t need to be afraid of ghosts because most often, if you have the special gift to perceive them, they’re just departed loved ones dropping by for a visit, to say hello or to encourage you.  Animals often notice them before we do, so you might sometimes see your dog or cat staring at an invisible visitor, greeting them with a wag of the tail or a meow.

On rare occasions, however, a spirit may make their presence known in a more disturbing manner, such as turning water faucet or lights on and off, or opening and closing kitchen cabinets! Or, your pet may challenge them with a bark or a hiss.  

Such a soul may be troubled, usually for one of two reasons:  

They are earthbound due to confusion (not realizing they’re dead), sorrow, and/or attachment to their house or persons they left behind.  This is a plea for help, and you should pray for them.  You may also want to ask a medium or a minister to assist the soul in letting go and crossing over into the next world.  

They are departed relatives who have an important message for your family and are trying to get your attention!  In more than one instance, I’ve seen this happen when people were going to sell their family home, and the great-grandparents wanted them to keep the house for the children to inherit.  A medium (which I am not, but we have many excellent mediums on Psychic Source) can talk to the spirit for you and find out what it is they are trying to say.

Next time you think you’re encountering a troubled soul, do not be afraid—simply find out what they’re inquiring about and help them get what they need to continue on their way.

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