Healing Your Chakras with The Tarot by Psychic Angelica

Date 5/21/2020
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Your Chakras combined with a Tarot reading can produce powerful results.

Your Chakras combined with a Tarot reading can produce powerful results.

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The Tarot, an ancient tool of divination can also be used as a dramatic tool for the healing and shifting of deep patterns. The tarot is a magical world of symbols, energy and insight. A powerful tool for personal guidance.  The chakras are seven energy vortexes that are connected energetically to our mind, body and spirit. Everyday life, stress and worry can attribute blockages and imbalance that occur in our bodies and chakra system. 

Utilizing the images of the tarot deck can assist us in receiving messages to realign and balance our chakra patterns and vibrations on a conscious level. Using the tarot, fused with the chakra system facilitates healing and promotes positive change in your life. This is a quick and easy way to check in with your mind, body and spirit using the tarot and each of the chakras. 

I use this spread once a week to keep myself in balance. Pick seven cards one for each chakra starting with the root chakra. Each of the seven cards you choose are aligned with a corresponding chakra and will depict influences, obstacles and will offer guidance in healing mind, body and spirit. You do not need to have a deep understanding of the Tarot in this spread, it is more effective when you allow each card and the symbols on the card to intuitively rely messages. 

ROOT ~ Our ability to feel safe and secure. Relates to our stability and foundation
SACRAL ~ Creativity, abundance and sensuality
SOLAR PLEXUS ~ Gut instincts, personal power, strength and confidence
HEART ~ Love, compassion, forgiveness and healthy relationship with self and others
THROAT ~ Speaking your truth, communication and listening
THIRD EYE ~ Intuition, wisdom and spiritual insight
CROWN ~ Spirituality, bliss and connecting with Creator

Shuffle your tarot cards and focus on each of the chakras as you are shuffling. Spread out your cards and allow your hands to be a couple inches above the cards. Begin with the root chakra asking what it is you need to know about this chakra, pick a card and lay it face down and continue with the following 6 chakras. Placing each card above each other face down with the Crown card at the top. 

Turn over one card at a time beginning with the root chakra. Intuitively feel into the chakra and the corresponding card. What are you seeing, feeling and hearing? 

Some of the questions I will ask to help guide me are:

* Does my chakra feel balanced or unbalanced?
* What is the current situation/What’s causing me to feel blocked?
* What action do I need to take to bring balance to this chakra?
* What will the results be? 

Depending on what is going on in your life you will find that some Chakras are more unbalanced then others and quite possibly you have some that are in total harmony with you and the Universe. Using your own intuition and trusting the messages you receive from each card you will be surprised how easy it is to uncover and identify any blockages or imbalance.

I hope you try this spread and enjoy using it - it really is very insightful!

Blessings and gratitude, 

PS – I’ll be back tomorrow (June 18th) with a follow up where I share an example of an actual Tarot Chakra reading so you can really understand how it works! 

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