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Published Date 6/27/2012
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Give Psychic Neil a minute, he'll give you answers!

One of the things I quickly learned upon becoming a Psychic Source advisor is this: follow the customer’s lead. While the in-person readings I offer occur in 15- or 30-minute blocks, callers here pay by the minute for my services. There is, in this context, an understandable expectation that information will be presented with speed and precision. To meet this expectation, I pay close attention to exactly what is asked and answer only these questions; I follow the customer’s lead.

This contrasts with the ‘time block’ context, which allows more room for ‘feeling around’ a situation. Here I will sometimes meet a client’s questions with inquiries of my own as we explore what is coming up. I will also offer information that, on the surface, doesn’t seem immediately related to our focus area. We have the time, after all, so why not use it? This ‘lateral wandering’ frequently opens some helpful revelations.

As is often the case with options, one of these contexts is not necessarily better than the other. ‘By the minute’ and ‘time block’ readings simply have unique strengths. Is there any way you, as a client of Psychic Source, can bring some of the strengths of the ‘time block’ approach into your ‘by the minute’ reading? Yes.

When your session seems to be winding toward its conclusion, let go of the questions you have been raising and ask your advisor this: “Is there anything else you are picking up on?” Useful variants on this inquiry are: “Is there anything else I should know?”, “Is there anything else that might be helpful?”, and “Is there anything important I am not seeing here?”

Each of these offers an opportunity for your advisor to loosen the ‘answer the question’ approach that often characterizes ‘by the minute’ readings; it frees her/him up to explore.

In my experience, this is often well worth the time. I have had many clients receive invaluable feedback in the final moments of a reading by doing this. Much needed encouragement from the spirit realm, information regarding life purpose and direction, a slightly different perspective on the situation under consideration, some ‘silver lining’ insight - all these and more have come when I was invited to open up a little.

So when you next call an advisor for some quick and clear information, give him/her a minute at the end of the session to ‘feel around’ a bit. Give her/him permission to use their talents in order to sense if there is anything else waiting for you. There often is - and it is often uniquely helpful.

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