Ghost Stories with Psychic Renee Marie - Week 3: My Homes in New York and North Carolina

Published Date 10/17/2017
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In my home, there was a very angry spirit present. Look closely between the banister to see it.

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Welcome back to my 4-part series detailing some of my Ghost Story Adventures. Each week, I will take you with me as I reflect on one of my encounters and share some of the unbelievable things I witnessed firsthand.  

While my previous two stories took place in the year 2000 or after, they were not my first experience with spirits.  As a matter of fact, between 1994 and 1996, when I was living on a horse farm on Long Island, New York, there was a spirit that walked the property! 

It was a male spirit that I (and others) felt that had been killed on the property years ago. For some strange reason, this spirit took a liking to me. I called him George as well as one of my friends that boarded her horse on the property.

My friend Ellen and I would ride in the back of the property which had a wonderful 1-mile horse track. Each time we would ride close to a certain spot on the outside of the track, we would get a very negative strange feeling, as did the horses. Ellen, her children and I all felt the same thing with this spirit.  
A few months go by and I have two new male roommates, that is when things started happening in the house. The house was set in the front of the property away from the barn and far away from the 1-mile track which is set in the back of the horse farm. George the spirit would start to mess around with the two male roommates. It was quite funny to me. They had no prior ghost or spirit experience before until they lived with me. They would hear banging on their walls so that the pictures would fall off, then run down the stairs and ask was I hammering something. “NOPE that must have been George!”  I laughed and said “I tried to tell you we had a ghost in the house, you told me I was nuts. Well, now welcome to my world.”

One night we were all down stairs watching TV and I went to get a drink and my other friend said, Renee’ you have a shadow following you. I said that’s probably George. At this point he would not bother me, he left me alone and would only mess with my roommates. Then one day when I came home from work, I opened the front door to hear my answering machine click on and play my unheard voice messages. I thanked him for playing it for me and walked into my kitchen. Over the course of the following weeks, George would continue to play my answering machine messages, turn the door knobs and got worse with my roommates.

I called a few friends to come over and see what they picked up with George and if we could move him along to cross over. One of my friends was part of the New York Paranormal Society and asked that the group come to my home to do an investigation of the farm and house. Five members come to the farm, all receiving the same information from George that he was murdered on the property, he was not out to hurt me, but he did not like the males around me and was not leaving the property. As time went on the property had bad luck; the landlords would lose the property for failing to pay the mortgage and it would change hands to another firm. Some of my friends that were intuitive would no longer want to come over as they felt the spirit getting angered. Unfortunate, but by the time I moved out I was not able to help the spirit George. To this day he is still on the property and this once beautiful horse farm is up for sale again.

Let’s fast forward to February 2016 when my husband and I moved into our just built home located in a development in North Carolina. Now I do not want to sound harsh, but I did not like the home it felt strange to me. I thought it was due to the neighbors begin so close. We went from an acre of land to 0.18 that I call a postage stamp. There were still homesites that needed homes to be built on, so there was constant building the first year we lived here.

In April, only 3 months after we moved in things started to happen to me. At first, I thought it was my health. I felt very tired, had no energy, and was getting very moody and stressed. But when I went out and left the house, all that would go away. Then my husband would come home from work and within 20 minutes he would get angry out of nowhere. That’s when something was affecting my dogs in the house.  Also during this time, I could not pick up on my dog Bridget that had passed away Oct 2015 and I always knew when she was close. I felt blocked. For more about the special bond I share with Bridget, check out the 4th installment of my series on 10/24/17.

In July 2016 the energy in my home would soon get worse and started to affect me when I would log on to work for Psychic Source. I would start to get headaches and it would block my vision to hear from my guides. It was not long that I heard footsteps in my house, thought I saw my husband walk down the stairs from the third-floor bonus room… But he was not home! Then I had that feeling I was being watched constantly as well as I would catch movement at the corner of my eye. It was not until I walked down the hallway looking at the mirror at the end of the hall and saw a shadow behind me. I finished working, cleared my space and walked around my house to feel what energy was in my home.  When I returned to my office I felt a very negative feeling behind me. I took a selfie so I could see what was behind me. There it was looking at me in between my stairs. This was the first time I have captured a spirit other than Orbs and my dogs. Again, more on that next week.  

In the photo above, you can see the spirit’s face (larger then what a human face would look like) in between my stair banister. With my friends Kristin’s assistance, we were able to get rid of it. 

Unfortunately, this was not the last encounter. About two weeks later I walked into my home while talking to Kristin on the phone and the moment I opened my front door you could feel it - a very heavy negative feeling as well as all the hair on my body stood up. I think it was the same time Kristin and I said, “What the heck is in here?” Kristin said to stay on the phone with her and she will clear my house. This was a very angry entity. As she was clearing the home we heard a growl and then the phone disconnected. This scared the heck out of me, I have never encountered a very negative entity. It took a few minutes for us to connect on the phone again.  When we did, she asked if I was OK and continued to clear my home. It happened again, this time I had warning from Kristin that it was very angry and wanted her to stop. The phone again disconnected after we heard a growl.  But before Kristin called me back I felt a shift in the house that it was clear. Thank God!

I’m glad those walk-ins or whatever they were are gone! My home and everyone’s health is back on track. The best is I’m able to pick up on my dogs that have passed onto the spirit world in my home again. Especially, my girl Bridget!

Please return next week to read more about my encounters with the spirits of my beloved pets who have passed on.  

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