Getting Started with the Tarot by Psychic Nancy

Published Date 1/14/2013
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Pick the Tarot deck you are most drawn to

There are many types of Tarot Cards to be purchased. For anyone wanting to get started, look at the different decks, and pick out the one you are drawn to. I also recommend purchasing a book to go along with your type of cards.

For myself, I was instantly drawn to the Ryder Waite cards when I first started out. I also have a deck of the Universal Waite cards which I really like the 
best. I have many decks, but these two are my favorites. When I do a reading for someone, I choose my spread and look at my cards to see how they all fit in together. They tell me a story. There is no wrong way to lay out your cards or to put together your story. I just go along with what I see and feel. I can tell you that many times I am amazed by what they tell me as they relate to the person I am speaking with. 

For anyone who has not tried a Tarot Reading, I do recommend that you try it. It can put a whole new perspective into any problem or questions that you have in your life. Just ask for a Tarot Reading and see how you feel after. You may be surprised by how accurate they really can be. I would also love to do a Tarot Reading for anyone interested.

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