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Published Date 9/26/2020
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Meet our newest Psychic Source Advisors
What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Naomi x3628

"Holistic and All-Encompassing"

Naomi x3628

One of my most successful readings was when…

I was sought by a woman who had recently finalized a very bad divorce and was wondering if love would ever find her again. She reported that she had been on many dates but hadn't made it past date two or three dates with most men. She was heartbroken and felt unlovable, as if something was so broken, she couldn't be fixed. As I prepared for the reading, I was receiving messages from an elderly woman who was making funny remarks and she would say lines from a specific cartoon character. When the woman arrived, I casually said, one of the lines, that had been said to me by the elderly woman many times leading up to her arrival. When I made the comment, the woman began to sob and she reported that her grandmother would say the line to her many times to cheer her up. What started out as a short reading, blossomed into a regular connection and weekly reading check-up. The woman has found love and is nearing a three-year relationship anniversary, this November. The reading was very clear, that in her attempt to avoid being vulnerable, she was coming off as aloof and not serious about love. We reviewed this in depth and created strategies for upcoming dates; within two weeks, she met the man she has now been with for nearly three years.

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is…

I take my work and my partnership with my clients very seriously. I care about the successes they experience as a result of our time together. I become not only their trusted advisor, but I am cheerleading from the sidelines as they create success and overcome previous obstacles, we identify through the reading appointments they schedule with me on an on-going basis. I have regular clients who have seen me for more than 20 years and who see me as an important part of their life. I have had clients tell me, I am as important to them as their care providers and their hair stylists. I appreciate and have great reverence for the role and trust they place in me. My goal is to aide in my client's success and assist them accomplishing their goals and achieving their dreams in all aspects of their lives.

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Psychic Apollo x3626

"Warm and Encouraging"

Apollo x3626

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

Astrology. I like to even tie it into any tarot readings I’m doing since the two work really well together. Your Big Three (sun, moon and rising) and your ruling planet are big areas of focus and can tell you so much about where you’re at on your existential journey. Placing your birth chart against the current sky is a surefire way to know what (or who!) is coming into your life. Plus, it’s a lot of fun discovering the future before it really happens!

I like to spend my free time…

Working with crystals or playing with our house cats! I like to explore the city and the many gorgeous parks where I live… as long as I’ve had my coffee first!

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Psychic Phoenix x3629

"Deep Intuitive - Gate Keeper"

Phoenix x3629

I like to spend my free time…

Meditating, being outdoors, having fun with family and friends, dancing, going to beach or being in the woods with nature, connecting with others and other realms, and listening to music.

I’m excited to work on Psychic Source because…

I get to be part of a greater cause and support people globally on a large scale! I am super excited to be here and see how many people I can help stand in their own empowerment instead of giving their power away all the time! Call me for a reading or just to clean all cords and energy blocks!

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Psychic Dana x3630

"Compassionate and Non-judgmental"

Dana x3630

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

Claircognizance. I find that tarot imagery triggers a deep knowing that provides me with accurate predictions including timelines. I also rely heavily on clairvoyance in my readings. I am very visual and find that I receive a lot of messages clairvoyantly. I would say that despite my very strong empathic and clairsentient abilities that I am primarily visual. This is why tarot is such a strong tool for me.

One of my most successful readings was when…

I gave a reading to a woman who had recently learned her estranged father was dying and only had a few months to live. By the end of the reading she had decided to reach out and heal her relationship and focus on spending some quality time with her father. The thing that made this reading a success was that both my client and her father would have peace and feel loved at the end of his life. I have had many successful readings. Each were successful for very different reasons.

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Psychic Ophiuchus x3625

"Mediumship Evidence and Guidance"

Ophiuchus x3625

I'm excited to work on Psychic Source because...

For a number of years, I have used my spiritual abilities to help others through work in churches, centers and one to one sessions as well as phone/video calls. Working here will give me the opportunity to reach more people and touch more souls than would be possible without this platform. It will enable me to use my gifts to connect with spirit and help as many people as I can giving information they may never have thought possible while showing them their individual spiritual path. I am excited to help others develop their own abilities and link them with their own spirit guides/team if they wish. I can also guide people on their own spiritual path, which will give them the opportunity to help others and even develop them to make the world a better place and spread love and light across the globe.

One of my most successful readings was when…

I connected with a lady’s brother who had recently taken his own life. The lady had a lot of unanswered questions and was suffering with guilt and grief trying to process everything. From the reading, I was able to connect with her brother in spirit telling her the exact date and time they had found him. I continued with the reading giving her clarity of information from her brother. I was able to communicate with her brother going into depth of details regarding questions she had including why he had taken his own life. The lady was overwhelmed and told me towards the end how much of a weight had now been lifted from her shoulders after this reading. I then channeled much needed healing for the lady from the divine source. I knew by the end of the session her energy had completely changed and this particular lady could finally move on with her own future remembering her brother and knowing there was nothing else she could do to prevent this from happening.

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