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Published Date 11/21/2020
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Meet our newest Psychic Source Advisors
What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic MaryJane x3638

"Compassionate Wisdom"

MaryJane x3638

One of my most successful readings was when…

A client needed help with unresolved abandonment issues with her biological father. Her reading clearly focused on letting go of the animosity towards the father's new spouse. Her paradigm shifted and was able to find alot peace and move forward out of love. The reason this reading was so profound was I sometimes get loved ones that have passed over appear to me before readings. This particular day a little girl had appeared. I not only saw her clothing, her house but she was insistent on showing me a book with a puppy on it. When I mentioned this to the client, she almost fell off her chair! Her grandmother had a leather bound book filled with all her ancestors and they called it "the puppy book"! I said this little girl is in that book! This whole scenario brought 3 generations together and the story continued to the point where they visited the plantation where the little girl lived!

I like to spend my free time…

I love watching silly dating shows one night and the next a gripping documentary. I love sipping cocktails under the moon and am delighted at my rose garden and pick flowers every morning before I do my readings. I even send pictures of the flowers on my table so my clients can share in them!

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Psychic Addison x3641

"Attuned to Spirit"

Addison x3641

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

The psychic gift I use the most in my readings is my clairaudient gift as I hear and feel the messages through the energy that comes forth through the cards or other divination tools I use. What this means is that I can hear what the message is for you. I then use the cards to explain what's being expressed to me to give you the best guidance from your Spirit guides through the Most High and Myself to get you the answers you seek!

One of my most successful readings was when…

A male client came to me due to troubles of the heart. He was in a relationship with a lady who was used to being verbally abused and not loved, which she would then hurt him by causing arguments, cheating etc. to make him chase her and therefore make her feel loved. This was hurting his heart and his mind. After a few readings with me he realized that she was bringing his mood and view of life down. He realized he had a gift of poetry during this time. He's now discovered his gift of writing and music and channels his energy into that gift to help others. Plus, he's now dating healthy ladies and not damaged ones that hurt him.

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Psychic Kiari x3631

"Direct and compassionate"

Kiari x3631

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is…

I have been working with tarot for 27 years and I enjoy utilizing my clairaudient and empathic gifts to help others find answers to their hardest questions in life.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

I am a natural empath and I am clairaudient. I use these two gifts along with tarot to provide a compassionate but direct reading.

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Psychic Ember x3642

"Light your inner fire and shine"

Ember x3642

I like to spend my free time…

I like to spend my free time in my garden, making herbal tinctures, reading, cooking incredible meals and photographing. Spending quality time in nature with friends brings me joy. My kitty, Oro, is a handsome fella that also receives my loving attention. When I can fit in the time, I love to travel.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

My gift of clairsentience allows me to connect deeply with my clients and feel what they are moving through. I also am able to connect with ancestor spirit energies. It's quite common for grandmothers to join a reading and leave a bit of their wisdom, lol.

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Psychic Mabel x3644

"Psychic Empath"

Mabel x3644

I'm excited to work on Psychic Source because...

I am excited to work on Psychic Source because my friend works on this line and she LOVES it. She has had nothing but nice things to say about her experience here and since I’m a successful psychic already, I knew Psychic Source would open me up to a whole new group of beautiful people for me to help. My regulars have become like friends to me and I hope to make similar connections with the clients here. Knowing someone else who has been here for years and loves it is what made me apply. There are lots of lines out there, but nothing beats word of mouth from someone you know, trust and care about. She would never steer me wrong and I feel so blessed to be hired here! The smartest thing I did was become friends with other psychics to help guide me. I thank God every day for my gift, my friendship with her and this opportunity to help guide you through whatever it is you’re going through.

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is…

My new clients should know that I believe honesty is everything. If I have hard news to give, I am going to deliver it and not just tell you what you want to hear. However, I will always stay empathetic and deliver the message in the way I would want to hear it. As an empath, I have experienced many of the hurts you have and can help. I have a huge passion for crystals and spiritual protection. I can help empower you so you feel you have complete control over your emotional responses, life choices and what you manifest. I can also teach you how to keep you vibrating high so other people’s bad intentions cannot touch you. Romantic connections tend to be my specialty but I have tackled so many different subjects and talk to so many different types of people, if you have a more challenging problem that needs solving, chances are I’ve helped someone else just like you already!

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Psychic Genevieve x3643

"Psychic Intuitive"

Genevieve x3643

One of my most successful readings was when…

I connected with a client's deceased father and she was able to receive a lot of peace regarding his passing. She had held on to worry that she hadn't done enough to caretake him, but his message was that she had done more than enough and he was still watching over her. It was something she had been holding onto for over 4 years and her relief was palpable. Sometimes it is just the compassionate connection to a time when a person felt most alone that can bring the most healing.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

Clairvoyance and clairaudience. I try to read from a place of neutrality and non-judgment in order to meet every person where her or she is.

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