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Published Date 3/25/2022
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Meet Our Newest Psychic Source Advisors

What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Tatiana x4855

"Psychic Oracle"

Tatiana x4855

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I use a combination of channeling, tarot divination, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and astrology to bring clarity for clients questions and concerns. This unique combination assists me to acquire future energy trends in terms of timelines connected to events and client issues or concerns.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities…

When I was 7 years old. I was at summer camp and offered to hold a friend's hands and tell her what her house looked like. At the time I was just having fun, however I feel like I was guided to discover this gift I have to remote view. To my surprise she said I was 100% accurate.

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Psychic Scarlet x4851

"Spiritually Connected"

Scarlet x4851

One of my most successful readings was…

I really feel in my heart every reading is successful because I love to help people gain insight in to their lives and bring an understand to challenging situations that they are going threw. But If I had to list one it would be helping a client clear out a trauma that had been effecting them in a physical way so they couldn't walk and watching her stand up and walk out of my office.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is…

come with an open heart and mind to what messages spirit wants to align you with.

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Psychic Leonora x4852

"Empathic Tarot Reader"

Leonora x4852

One of my most successful readings was…

I had a chance encounter with a woman from France. I didn't know her at all, but I simply sensed that the cards had a message for her. I offered to do a reading and she accepted. By the end, she was quite moved, and confided that she was struggling with some severe life challenges. Months later, she contacted me to say that my tarot had provided her with a map that inspired her to successfully navigate and come out the other side of a bitter divorce and custody battle. A vibrancy radiated from her that had not been present when I did the initial reading. To me, that's the goal of my work: insight, empowerment, growth.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I use insight meditation learned from over a decade of practicing Zen Buddhism to ground myself and be fully present in the moment for the reading and align myself with the client's energy. I become a bridge of empathy and intuition connecting information from the tarot cards with the questions and needs of the client. I consider it to be "our" reading. I am the channel, the cards are the tool, and you are the living outcome.

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Psychic Arwen x4858

"Accurate Psychic Medium"

Arwen x4858

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is…

Relax, all I need is the name of your person or a brief description on what is going on.

One of my most successful readings was…

I predicted someone would write three books, have it published and it be turned into a film. She had no clue this was going to happen, within two years this all happened.

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Psychic Jewel x4859

"Psychic Tarot Reader"

Jewel x4859

One of my most successful readings was…

When the person sheds a few tears in awe, gratitude, happiness or disbelief.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

Clairaudience and clairsentience equally.

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Psychic Charlotte x4863

"Psychic Guide"

Charlotte x4863

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I blend my natural psychic abilities and divination tools with my training as a Master Certified Life Coach so that every session not only provides insight into what is going to happen but how to work with that insight to achieve a favorable outcome.

One of my most successful readings was…

A client came into my reading space and asked simply for a reading on love and romance, providing their first name and date of birth. I saw that this was someone very hungry for love but that she recently got out of a very toxic relationship with someone whom she was still in contact with on a pretty consistent basis. I saw that she would need to truly release this attachment and cease contact before finding new love entering. When she did this, I saw her meeting someone, and the initial M came to me. She got in touch with me via email about 4-months later. She shared that she was very resistant to stop communicating with her ex, and it took her longer than I had advised, but sure enough, when she did, it was a matter of 8 days before she met someone entirely out of the blue. Oh, and his name was Micah!

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