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Published Date 3/20/2021
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Meet our newest Psychic Source Advisors
What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Ramona x4671

"Divination Oracle"

Ramona x4671

One of my most successful readings was when...

A client messaged me after they left the reading and said that their legs were tingling for twenty minutes afterward. They said that they'd had an amazing experience and they afterward they were in a calm, peaceful state of mind. The fact that he felt compelled to share this with me made me understand how cathartic this experience had been for him. I felt appreciated and he felt understood.

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is...

I believe tarot is a tool for self-improvement. My commitment to tarot began when I saw that it could be used to create positive change in my life. Tarot shows us who we are and what's happening under the surface, so if we listen to what the cards and our guides are trying to tell us, we are better able to change an outcome or we can accept and adapt to the situation. Either way, it's a personally enriching experience that boosts confidence and precipitates clarity.

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Psychic Felicity x4674

"Intuitive Empath"

Felicity x4674

I'm excited to work on Psychic Source because…

Sharing my psychic gifts to bring transformation into your life mean everything to me. Psychic Source allows me to do what I love. It is a source of life sustenance as I work my gifts work in tandem with my spirit guide, the Universal Life Force. I was gifted as an intuitive empath who feels a pull from deep inside to open my mouth and speak the truths I receive to heal and inspire. It is a blessing for me to see all the lives I have changed positively over 30 years. Sharing my gifts is a call in my life. It manifests in sessions with or without tarot or oracle cards, during dream interpretation, and when I cognitively curate - sensing particular thought patterns as part of the session. It is wonderful to transform lives, spirits, and souls through my intuitive empathic abilities. Transformation is why my gifts are important to share and why I am extremely excited to work on Psychic Source.

One of my most successful readings was when...

During a reading, I sensed and kept hearing the word 'addiction'. My client was asking for guidance on a particular issue; however, I had to share with her what I was sensing from my spirit guide. I shared the message about addiction and as the messages flowed it became clear my client was an alcoholic. As I was sharing this message, my client broke into tears and I comforted her immediately. She admitted the alcoholism and that no one knew but me. We did several cognitive curating sessions for me to sense through my spirit guide negative thought patterns, the possible roots, and solutions to inspire hope. One year later, this client reached out to me via email exclaiming that she quit drinking and was clean for 12 months. She thanked me for guiding and encouraging the transformation. I was overjoyed! Transformation is what I hope to bring into your life.

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Psychic Lux x4672

"Intuitive Tarot"

Lux x4672

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is...

During the reading I tend to channel random messages not pertaining to their main question. That is a way for spirit to advice the customer of important information that needs to be brought to light.

One of my most successful readings was when...

My customer was in disbelief of the information that I was able to channel with very little information.

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Psychic Theo x4673

"Psychic Medium"

Theo x4673

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is...

I take my position as an advisor very seriously. I believe that with a little help my clients can create the life that they want and deserve. I enjoy meeting and working with new people and I get great satisfaction in helping them. I look forward to assisting as many people as I can, because I truly believe that my mission in life is to help others. I have been able to help people find the answers they need, to find peace with the loss of loved ones and other difficult situations and to provide insight to help them move their lives forward in a positive direction. I want my clients to create the lives they want to live. If I can provide a client with the answers they need and in some cases the solace they deserve then they are able to find hope and optimism for the future ahead of them. I look forward to sharing my gifts with you.

One of my most successful readings was when...

I read for a distraught and depressed mother who had lost her teenage daughter to suicide a couple years previous. She was unable to move on with her life and carried great guilt that she had failed her and that she should have know what she was planning and been able to stop her. Her daughter had put sleeping pills in her mother's drink to keep her from stopping her from committing suicide. As she was passing out her daughter whispered something in her ear. Her mother did not know what she said and had been haunted by the fact that she could not hear her daughter's final words to her. I was able to connect to her daughter's spirit to give her that final message and let her know it was not her fault and that her daughter was sorry for causing her pain. I let her know that her daughter is at peace on the other side with other family members. I feel I played a part in helping her make peace with this tragedy and now she is able to finally move forward in her life.

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Psychic Gail x4663

"Psychic Intuitive"

Gail x4663

I'm excited to work on Psychic Source because…

Helping others heal, get unstuck and find their true calling is my souls purpose. My goal is to be of service and help as many people possible.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is...

My intuitive tarot and oracle card readings and being clairaudient.

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Psychic Fern x4669

"Intuitive Empath"

Fern x4669

I like to spend my free time...

Playing with my son, reading, doing yoga, and singing! I also love plants (like, too much) so you can often find me gardening.

One of my most successful readings was when...

My client had suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of her former partner, and I was able to give her insight and the messages she needed to heal. The cards also showed her what specific warning signs to look for to avoid relationships like it in the future. It warmed my heart to see her healing and self acceptance take place, as well as watch her open up her heart again. She later came back for a reading and told me that she had followed the cards advice and was in the happiest and healthiest relationship she had ever been in.

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Psychic Divinity x4670

"Compassionate and Insightful"

Divinity x4670

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is...

I enjoy helping other people. I find joy and fulfillment knowing that I can put things into perspective for my customers. I want to help my clients figure out what they want in their lives. One of my key objectives is to help you to broaden your awareness through perception. My style of reading is unique because I encourage my clients to express themselves in a non-judgmental setting. I am a good communicator and I direct my attention towards my customers. Individuals can benefit from my psychic readings by receiving the support and revelations that they need in any circumstance. This offers them an alternative outlook that can change their life path for a better result. For starters, those seeking my spiritual advice have gained the courage to start a new relationship or to make a difficult decision to end an unhealthy connection. Career advice is also a popular topic that comes up in a reading. I can help you navigate the confusing path of job opportunities.

I like to spend my free time...

I enjoy reading books in my free time. It is the best ways for me to feel relaxed. Some topics that I enjoy exploring are metaphysics, spirituality and science. Books help me to expand my knowledge. Obtaining knowledge through reading and research is the best way of learning more about various subjects. I also enjoy crossword puzzles. I find that this activity helps me to build on my vocabulary and problem-solving skills. Meditation is also another activity that I enjoy engaging in. I oftentimes meditate in the morning and right before sleep at night. The act of meditating has helped me to prepare for the day ahead when I do it in the morning. Meditation also assists me in grounding my energy when I prepare to sleep at night.

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