Get to Know These New Psychics | June 2022

Published Date 6/26/2022

Meet Our Newest Psychic Source Advisors

What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Freya x4874

"Psychic Medium"

Freya x4874

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

As a medium, I just simply listen and relay what is being told to me, shown to me, or what I am being made to feel. Even if the message doesnt make sense to me, or might sound harsh to me, I trust that Spirit knows more than I do about what the client needs to hear.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is…

Ask your departed loved ones to come through for the upcoming reading. You can also ask them to relay a code word during the reading, or you can have an object of theirs with you but not show it to me or tell me about it.

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Psychic Connie x4879

"Psychic Tarot Advisor"

Connie x4879

One of my most successful readings was...

I gave a reading to a young woman and her friend. She wanted to know about her career. She felt something big was getting ready to happen. Before I could even get the cards out I "heard" very clearly that this woman was a medium. I shared this with her and her friend began to cry. Turns out, the woman had delivered a message from her friend's father, who had passed, and her friend was upset and had accused her of making it up. Not only did the woman receive validation about her abilities but the relationship with her friend was healed.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

My first memory of experiencing something paranormal was in first grade. I saw something that no one else could see. Growing up I was always drawn to those that were wounded and later discovered I am an empath. About seven years ago, I found a mentor and started developing my intuition and learned energy healing Reiki. I discovered Tarot a few years ago and began working with Spirit to help guide others.

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Psychic Lana x4878

"Manifestation Expert"

Lana x4878

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

To breathe into your heart for 1-3 minutes to create some heart coherence. This will help balance your energetic field so you can receive the message even better.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

When I began my spiritual awakening back in 2016. I was overcoming an addiction when I found my spirituality. My world completely morphed from that moment forward.

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Psychic Sienna x4884

"Intuitive Friend"

Sienna x4884

One of my most successful readings was...

A woman was having relationship problems. She was not sure whether to stay in the relationship or leave it. I used my psychic radar to look at the root of the problem. This helped give her insight to know what decision she needed to make. She felt supported and confident on what to do. She contacted me a month later to tell me that she had ended that relationship. She wanted to know when she would meet someone new. I sensed that once she had moved home, she will meet a new man by chance. After about 3 months, she called me to tell me she had moved and met this man that I had spoken about. She said it was a chance encounter and how happy she is. I am always thrilled when a client comes back to me and says, “you were right, it happened just like you said”. This woman has since spoken to me since about work issues. When she feels she needs her “intuitive friend” she contacts me to provide her with valuable guidance and reassurance.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

The most important thing is to be relaxed which allows the energy to flow for the reading. I understand people may be anxious and may not find it easy talking to someone new for the first time. But being relaxed allows me to connect better to your energy and the situation that is happening around you, and a few deep breaths works wonders. I tell my clients to just think of myself as your intuitive friend you are having a chat with. It is also best to come with an open mind - not to have tunnel-vision. Being open to viewing the situation or issue from a different perspective allows you to have a reading that can be very insightful. Often, we view situations through the eyes of the past, our programming. Sometimes Spirit may have a message for you based on what they feel you need to know; this may not always be what you want to hear. Use the information obtained in a reading to empower yourself, every reading should be viewed as guidance only, the ultimate decision or life choice must be made by you.

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Psychic Sol x4881

"Reiki Master, Intuitive/Empath"

Sol x4881

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

Being a certified Reiki Master definitely makes me a unique advisor because, in addition to being an intuitive/empath, it allows me to easily locate someone and help heal and clear energy in people both remotely and in person.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

I always encourage my clients to drink lots of water! Water moves energy and because of the nature of my readings, it's important to drink lots of water before and after. Another great way to prepare is just to get centered and remember to be open to what your guides want you to hear. I can't control what spirit wants to talk about so remembering in addition to answering your questions, your guides may bring up other issues in your life as well.

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Psychic Hunter x4875


Hunter x4875

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

I remember being a little girl walking through the cornfield of my hometown, on the way to see my mom at the nursing home where she worked. I heard all these...whispers: queries, screams, distortions of language. It only happened in the corn field. I told my mom about it and she talked to me about the "women's gift" in our family. As I grew, that gift was difficult but extremely useful as I navigated the other dimensions that surround us to connect with my mama after she passed.

One of my most successful readings was...

When in the middle of a relationship reading where we were discussing toxic relationship traits between lovers, my client's partner's late father came through. He shared with us the family history that correlated to a lot of what his son had told my client and informed us on how their family's generational trauma had adversely affected their relationship. This lead to a deeper understanding between the lovers and saved their relationship.

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Psychic Dorian x4876

"Gifted Mystic and Compassionate Guide"

Dorian x4876

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

2 to 5 minutes of meditation and calming time if possible. Having crystals or sentimental items held or placed nearby, tapping into nostalgic and peaceful memories, and finding a quiet space.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is...

My clairvoyance is the gift I use most during readings. I am able to decipher the meaning and correlation to clients when these visions are revealed to me by spirit. Though I have been reading for a while these visions are still such an astonishing phenomena to me that I never take for granted.

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Psychic Desiree x4877

"Empathic Intuitive"

Desiree x4877

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

I used to tell people my brain was wired a little differently than most because weird, random thoughts would pop into my head. Then I realized they weren't random at all! I started making the connection that I was receiving messages.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I understand overcoming hardship and grief all too well. This has made me more compassionate as a reader and a person.

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Psychic Kahlia x4883

"Magical Coach, Astrologer, Intuitive"

Kahlia x4883

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

Center yourself and clear your energy field. Open your mind and heart to receiving guidance from Spirit for how to move forward, and what might need to be left behind in the process for your highest good. Instead of expecting a “when”, get curious about “how” to adapt your approach to honor the truth and Knowing of your inner wisdom, trusting that the message that comes through is what you need to hear. Also, the more you are willing to share with me, the better I am able to support you and the more specificity we are able to access, so take time to clarify the necessary contextual details and questions you want to share with me that will be most supportive to our session together.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

I’ve always had my intuitive gifts and abilities but my anxiety and self-doubt prevented me from trusting them. Once I dove deeply into my own healing journey, I was finally able to access and honor my gifts in a whole new way. They continue to grow and develop more and more everyday as I surrender deeper and deeper into trusting my channel.

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Psychic Milo x4880

"Intuitive Psychic"

Milo x4880

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I use my intuition in all readings and connect with loved ones who have passed away.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

Have all of your questions written down beforehand to optimize your time.

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