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Get to Know These New Psychics | July 2023

Date 7/26/2023

New Psychic Source Advisors

Meet Our Newest Psychic Source Advisors

What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite! 

Psychic Marceline x4986

"Divine Channel"

Marceline x4986

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

I discovered my psychic gifts at a young age feeling very connected to and receiving messages from passed loved ones through dreams. I came in to my full abilities over the past 10 years through extensive study of spiritual knowledge and practices to aid me in being able to master my gifts and use them to help others.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I am a psychic medium with a true passion for helping others by providing the answers they most need. I do this by being a channel for source energy, your spirit guides, and ancestors to bring absolute clarity and guidance on how to best move forward along your path. I use spiritual alchemy to help you transmute your worries and concerns into pure spiritual gold and knowledge that will aid you in making the right decisions that are most aligned with your path and purpose. Using Tarot and Oracle cards, Runes, my intuition and connection to the Divine, I will provided you with deep insight into any situation.

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Psychic Vida x4980

"Intuitive Oracle"

Vida x4980

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

clairaudience and claircognizance. These are the psychic gifts that I use the most and come natural to me. I will also clarify with oracle cards, tarot cards, or my pendulum. Most importantly, I rely on my intuition to lead me to what is needed.

One of my most successful readings was...

with a client who is an artist in New York City. She was offered the opportunity to complete a very lucrative art installation, but felt like the intention of the company making the offer was not in alignment with her ethics as an artist. She planned to accept the contract because she needed the money and exposure, but wanted a reading. I could hear the words, "not for you, better is coming" and was hesitant to relay it to her. I am very careful not to interfere with the free will of others, or improperly influence decisions. I trusted my intuition and spoke the words to her. Surprisingly, she exhaled and appeared physically relieved! She merely needed the confirmation to make the decision that was already in her heart. Through the use of tarot and oracle cards, this was confirmed to be the best course of action. She turned the offer down, and a few weeks later something bigger, better, and in alignment came her way! What a lesson in trust!

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Psychic Dahlia x4987

"Empath, Twin Flame, Lighthouse"

Dahlia x4987

The best way to prepare for a reading with me...

to bring yourself to a still place, set a clear intention for the clarity that you would like, and what you hope to get out of the reading.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

the way that I piece divine guidance together through many sources, including through music and lyrics, movies, books... anything that presents itself to me while connected to my client.

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Psychic Kalina x4984

"Psychic Medium"

Kalina x4984

One of my most successful readings was...

Although I have so many wonderful stories and testimonials to share, there is one that comes first to my memory. A women's mother had passed away and she inherited her wedding ring. The women moved to a new home, somehow lost her mother's ring and was devastated carrying so much guilt for losing it. During our reading, her mother came through, letting her know that she was not angry with her and to stop feeling guilty. Then mom told us the ring was in between a crack in the closet floorboard in the master bedroom. Sure enough, the next day, the woman called to tell me she found it there and told me to thank mom. I laughed and said " You are welcome to tell her yourself. She is always with you and hears you."

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

Besides being Psychic, I have the ability to communicate with your loved ones who have passed both telepathically and through 360 degree visions past, present and future. I deliver personal, validating and mind-blowing detailed messages only you can understand.

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Psychic Sunny x4979

"Evidentiary Medium"

Sunny x4979

One of my most successful readings was...

I would have to say most, if not all of readings are amazing and successful. But, if I had to choose just one, I would say my Reading with Tony's family (Messages from Mom). What made this session most memorable was the English to Spanish translation. Mom was Spanish speaking and I am not, however, I was able to deliver specific messages to all family members in attendance.

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings is...

Evidentiary Mediumship. Spirit provides me with evidence of their presence. Generally by showing me things that have taken place within the last 24-72 hours, proving they are still with their loved ones.

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Psychic Zamara x4981

"Empath. Seer, and Channel"

Zamara x4981

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I am a power channel, with honorable dedication which has earned me access with exclusive energies. I am able to access, and understand Akashic records especially world events to come.

One of my most successful readings was...

Predicting the Euphrates river drying, without knowing it was in the bible, or seeing it on social media.

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Psychic Giselle x4989

"Empathic and Intuitive Tarot Reader"

Giselle x4989

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings is...

Intuitive guidance, empathy and the tarot.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me...

Ask that the answers to your questions are clearly given during our session. Provide your Name and the names of those you are inquiring about. DOB is optional if you so choose to disclose.

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Psychic Muriel x4991

"Empathic Channel, Angel Intuitive"

Muriel x4991

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

As as child I spoke with animals and saw my Spirit guides, this was recognized by my family. As a teenager, I channeled light language and saw spirits during my time in charismatic churches. I continued to study consciousness expansion, metaphysics, and mysticism throughout my adulthood, but I discovered just how I could use my abilities in my late thirties (about a decade ago). I first began to become healthier in my empathic nature, then began practicing animal communication, then mastered mediumship, angelic readings, energy healing, and channeling.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I am an Empath of the highest degree, that is, I am a Human Design Reflector. I am a multidimensional channel, bringing direct messages (through speech and energy attunement) from any and all dimensions of light. I have many degrees in healing services, including a bachelors in spiritual healing from the University of Metaphysics, a degree in clinical hypnotherapy from HMI college, and a degree in mind-body psychology from HMI College. I am spiritual teacher and psychic ability activator.

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Psychic Alice x4990

"Psychic Medium"

Alice x4990

The best way to prepare for a reading with me...

Come as you are! You're welcome to come with questions or simply be open to the messages your Spirit Guides have waiting for you. I will instantly be able to connect and bring through guidance and clarity, and you can feel comfortable knowing there's nothing you need to do to prepare.

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings is...

I utilize three psychic gifts with equal emphasis, which allows me to connect on a deeper level and convey the messages and answers coming through with more detail and precision. My clairvoyance allows me to see clearly as though the images were happening in real life right in front of me. My clairsentience provides me the ability to feel deeply on a physical and emotional level, bringing through the subconscious layers of what someone is experiencing, and my claircognizance gives me the powerful gift of instantly knowing. All three of these gifts combine beautifully for a well-rounded and harmonious reading filled with compassion and understanding.

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