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Published Date 7/28/2020
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Meet our newest Psychic Source Advisors
What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Layla x3614

"Intuitive into Divine Guidance"

Layla x3614

One of my most successful readings was when...

I was able to provide truth to my client, and give her the gift of awareness. It is always about healing so we can be in the here and now. In each session, she continued to learn another tool if the one tool was no longer serving her. She told me she felt like a clean slate, and that a weight had been lifted. She also no longer felt like she had to carry the burdens of others. In that session, she discovered that she was an empath and a healer.

I'm excited to work on Psychic Source because...

I love connecting with people. I love being there to witness an *aha* moment with clients to help them understand different strengths they have and capabilities they have to start believing in making dreams come true. I love being able to help people through that, and I am ready to hold space for you.

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Psychic Nova x3615

"Non-Judgmental Clairvoyant"

Nova x3615

I like to spend my free time...

Doing all sorts of things! For starters, I am a gardener who proudly cares for over 200 house plants. I am also an animal lover. As an active reader, I own more than 1,000 books and I also love collecting movies and DVDs. Family is important to me too. I am married, a proud mother of five adults and a loving grandma.

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings is...

My gift of clairvoyance along with my psychic mediumship gift. In addition, I use my remote viewing gift and Spirit Guide contact. I guess you could say I use them all, ha ha!

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Psychic Destiny x3616

"Readings from the heart"

Destiny x3616

I'm excited to work on Psychic Source because...

I love to help people succeed in life. On this journey I have gotten to know so many individuals who genuinely need guidance. As many have been naturally drawn to me my whole life, I decided to research this capability deeper. I've found that it is my natural calling to guide others through divination.

One of my most successful readings was when...

One of my most successful readings was when there was a young lady who was living in harsh home environment. She had an opportunity to switch her residence but was resistant. After our reading was done, she concluded that moving would be best for her. Now she is living in a much better place and has the love and support she needs. We still talk regularly and each time we do she reminds me of how happy she has been. This to me is the definition of success.

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Psychic Temperance x3617

"Clarity and Guidance"

Temperance x3617

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is…

I can be very expressive, mindful and empathetic to everyone I encounter. I’m fun and exciting which makes for a great environment energetically for all. I’m able to connect to my clients on a mental level and this stems from experience which allows for a stronger connection to those who receive my readings. I’m also great with Tarot and Oracle Cards. My ultimate goal is to use my gifts to guide others along their path towards healing and positive forward movement.

I like to spend my free time…

Engaging and connecting with my children. I enjoy the beauty surrounding me in nature which allows for a better spiritual connection and gaining insight. I like to read tarot in my free time along with better connecting with myself. Oh yeah, I love to cook (and eat) too!

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Psychic Winston x3618

"Highly Trusted, Accurate And Caring"

Winston x3618

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

Mediumship. I find that messages from loved ones in spirit are the most helpful to clients. Spirits are coming from a place of love and perspective, therefore, their wisdom is often profound. My Spirit Guide Steve assists me by searching for spirits and providing a gateway for them to communicate. Although mediumship is the ability that I use the most in readings, I also have a strong sense of claircognition, that is the ability to have a knowing about situations. It also supports what is commonly called intuition. Claircognition gives me insight into the nature of your circumstances and how to best navigate through them. I do not use tools because my acute ability to connect with spirits gives me direct access to their wisdom and guidance. I am humbled and truly grateful to Spirit for giving me the privilege to serve in this way.

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is…

I am confident in my ability to help you. I have been able to communicate with spirits since childhood. My work in the spiritual and paranormal fields as a reader, mentor, lecturer, investigator, and activist has given me the experience to help people with a variety of issues. As a medium with direct connection to Spirit, I can make you more aware of the factors in your situation and guide you to a better outcome. Because we are all psychic to some degree, I help many people with understanding and using their own psychic gifts. I have taught classes and programs on psychic development to empower people who often started out fearing what they experience. My life mission statement is "to enhance the life experience of others. I do this through love, support, and education." As a medium, I can use my psychic gifts to fulfill that by doing compassionate readings. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my gifts with more people through Psychic Source.

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Psychic Lauryn x3619

"The Door To Your Path"

Lauryn x3619

I’m excited to work on Psychic Source because…

It allows me to help as many people who are drawn to me. Along with their guides and loves from the other side, I strive to bring light so they can move forward in their lives.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

Clairaudience, angelic beings, spirit guides, my ancestors and those who have passed over to the other side. During a reading your love one may come though with a message of guidance to help you in your situation.

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