Get to Know These New Psychics | December 2022

Published Date 12/22/2022

Meet Our Newest Psychic Source Advisors

What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Indra x4983

"Channel of Light and Love"

Indra x4983

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

I was on my lunch break and went to my secret spot to meditate. I was doing my normal routine: prayer, affirmation, meditation techniques. Near the middle of my practice something happened that is hard to explain. My solar plexus, the point right above my belly button, suddenly, felt like a burst of energy awoke in that center. It was an intense, steady radiance. Like a ball of light, a sun, glowing an emanating a golden spiritual light. As I was baptized in this cosmic light, an overwhelming love embraced my whole being. Tears flowed from ecstatic bliss and eternal gratitude. The moments and days that followed, my psychic abilities rapidly became awakened in me. I became very aware of subtle energy and how thought vibrations affect nature and reality. Days after this happened, a rose bush I meditated next to for months started giving off flowers, when it was not in season.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

Before going on-line, I enter a superconscious state by using a Raja Yoga Meditation technique. This state makes me more receptive to messages coming from the higher spheres, where our Angelic Spirit Guides exist. I feel this is my greatest gift. I completely open myself to receive information that will be for your greatest good and in harmony with all creation. I know I have reached a high level of super consciousness when my body is completely relaxed (akin to sleep), yet I am fully awake, also I have a deep sense of peace and a infinite love fills my heart and I feel pure joy. Once I'm in this state my mind is completely clear, and I am able to communicate message from beyond with more ease.

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Psychic Jessi x4933

"Intuitive Coach and Advisor"

Jessi x4933

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

The first time I discovered something "different" about me I was in the 5th or 6th grade. I saw, Clairvoyantly and knew, Intuitively that a friend of my would be driving up the road with his mom in their tan station wagon. About 5 minutes later, that's what happened. My initial response to that was, of course, shock and confusion. What's a girl to think at that age? LOL. But more specifically, I began embracing and accepting by abilities in 1999 and have worked hard to understand and perfect them since then.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

When I work with clients, I like for them to give some general (not too much detail) information surrounding the subject they are needing clarification on and then ask specific and direct questions. Once we get started and I tap into Spirit/Universe the information begins to flow in and I relay that to my client. My readings are interactive rather than one-sided. I completely understand that many people like to call a Psychic, withhold information and then expect the Psychic to fill in all the gaps AND be 100% accurate. Prior to me embracing my own gifts, I had the exact same belief and opinions about psychics. But as I've grown and learned my own abilities and how I receive from the Universe, I've developed a style that works best for me and has proven to provide the most informed responses and clarity for my clients.

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Psychic Odin x4940

"Intuitive Empath"

Odin x4940

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

To clear your mind and heart and step forward with your thoughts with true empathy on what your current problem is In your words. Nothing else is needed.

One of my most successful readings was...

Throughout a journey of a dear friend who needed guidance on finding mental health and stability. It was 5 years of work.

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Psychic Cassie x4936

"Psychic Medium"

Cassie x4936

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

Actually, I have had them most of my life, but I realized in high school I would just know things about people and I learned to trust my intuition. I have used my abilities for personal growth, but in the past six years I have been helping others using my psychic gifts.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I am a natural empath and have a deep understanding of how you are feeling, which helps me while I am giving a psychic or mediumship reading.

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Psychic Dara x3444

"A Progress-Focused Diviner"

Dara x3444

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

Generally, one of three strategies: laughter, breathing, or prayer to your own soul. Laughter is an incredible antidote for dogma; when we're open to not taking ourselves (and life) too seriously, we are simultaneously open to new data, new perspectives, and new solutions. A lot of people struggle with fear, which makes hearing their intuition or Spirit incredibly difficult. Laughter makes quite a bit possible, actually. Including spiritual problem-solving. I've seen some incredible transformations happen that would not have been possible without laughter opening the way. I give clients breathing techniques to utilize when they need help with grounding and centering prior to a reading. It helps me perceive past energetic static, sure, but I've found that my clients are able to get a clearer understanding of both divination results and their circumstances once they've done their breathwork and entered the sacred space with me. And while this should have probably been mentioned first, praying to your own soul is of paramount importance. In my traditions we believe that one's soul takes precedence over divine forces, ancestral powers, etc. Without help from your soul, everything can become far more challenging - even the changes that you WANT to make to our lives. You can start praying to yourself today by holding yourself and starting with something like: "I pray to my soul to guide and support me, to keep my mind clear..." and so on. The kind of confidence, ease, clarity and self-sovereignty that clients often look for can be achieved by starting any endeavor this way, not just a spiritual consultation. And restoring clear inner guidance to my clients is one of my goals.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

When I was a pre-teen and could recognize animal omens, though others had begun collecting stories of my precognition and mediumship since I was old enough to talk. It wasn't until I'd had my first formal reading with a traditional African priest that I began to take cultivating those gifts seriously.

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Psychic Tory x4932

"Intuitive Reader"

Tory x4932

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

My clairsentience. I am a feeler. My clairvoyant abilities come second to what I feel. I use cards to help read the energy. Once I read the images I can feel them and once I can feel the message I can see it. This is how I use my gift. Often times as the reading continues, I will hear repeating words, phrases or songs with an underlying message in them. Mediumship is like putting a puzzle together so communicating what resonates with you in your reading helps your advisors pick up on the energy better.

One of my most successful readings was...

When I was helping a client navigate through their grief. As someone who has experienced sudden loss this reading really touched me. I was happy I could connect to the energy of her loved one. It gave her so much clarity and direction. She was having a hard time moving on with her life. Her father wanted her to know that he is never far away and she had so many opportunities that he was sending her way. "It would be a disservice to stay stuck - to love me is to honor me by using the gifts that I passed down to you." I wasn't sure what he meant by this but the client told me she was a painter like her father. She stopped painting because it reminded her of him and made her sad. Her father wanted her to find joy in loss. It was like he was trying to remind her that grief is just love with nowhere to go. "Put your love for me into your art." She now makes a living off of her art.

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