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Published Date 12/26/2020
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Meet our newest Psychic Source Advisors
What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Seth x3647

"Insightful and Sincere"

Seth x3647

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

I would say empathy; my gifts rarely manifest in visions or auditory messages but connecting with people's inner emotions has always been easy for me. Combining that with Tarot and reading the energy patterns around a person will tell me just enough to help without becoming invasive. The especially wonderful thing about using emotional and energetic connections, is that the person doing the reading is often healed as well. Oftentimes when someone is going through something and feeling alone, this approach to reading can not only give clarity but peace of mind in knowing that the rest of the world can and wants to understand them. That way, people no longer feel like they are a stranger in the universe, but something that is a part of it. When you can help someone get to that understanding, that’s when the limitations they put on themselves fall right off, and the world becomes theirs.

I like to spend my free time…

Most of my free time nowadays is spent connecting with people in my local community. I love to meditate, read, and go on long hikes around my city to really get a feel for that connection between myself and the land around me. Apart from those kinds of interests, generally what I work on is my art. I love to paint, draw and sculpt depictions of mythological scenes and creatures. Sometimes they are a little more surreal than naturalistic, but that's most of the fun of it! Anything that involves imagination, communication and good old fashioned fun times is a great way to spend free time for me! With what little remains of my time aside from these things; I fill with my greatest pleasure of all: Video games. There’s nothing quite like playing a few rounds of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros with your friends or picking up the latest RPGs and slaying a few dragons. But my motto is generally; “If it feels good, do it.” So as many hobbies and interests I have now, I can’t wait to find more!

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Psychic Lana x3645

"Spiritualist Tarot Expert"

Lana x3645

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is…

I have a rapid-fire approach to tarot where I shuffle cards or pull them straight from the deck, spreads can take time so instead I clarify details individually and if I make a mess I grab another deck!

I’m excited to work on Psychic Source because…

I get to do one of my favorite things every day, there’s nothing like waking up to a job that you genuinely enjoy.

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Psychic Jasmine x3649

"Intuitive Advisor"

Jasmine x3649

I’m excited to work on Psychic Source because…

Psychic Source is one of the most legitimate and reputable companies out there. I did a lot of research before applying to work as a psychic in this capacity. Their application process is of the highest standards. I have also been able to connect with a wonderful team that is extremely supportive. Another benefit of working at Psychic Source is the interaction with the customers. The format allows for customers to get their reading in a wide range of time frames. The customer gets to decide how long they want to be on and how often they wish to seek guidance. Not to mention they are able to get their money back if not satisfied with their initial reading. Care is given to the Psychic Source team as well as the customers. Everyone is seen as valuable; which we all definitely are.

The psychic gift that I use the most in my readings is…

I utilize tarot and oracle cards in all of my readings. This allows for Spirit and our teams in the Highest Light to communicate more effectively. I want to make sure none of my own energy is in the reading and this helps me to do so. It helps to channel the energy of the customer and their specific question. I make sure that I remain connected to Source energy and also fully and deeply grounded so that I can be the best vessel for my customers. The tarot and oracle cards also allow me to give my customers answers more quickly than waiting for the energies to fully express themselves to me. I can also get more direct communications from Spirit that will be helpful to my customers for their situation, even if it wasn’t something that was specifically a part of their question. This helps to provide wise guidance on how to move forward with their concerns.

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Psychic River x3648

"Insightful Intuitive"

River x3648

I like to spend my free time…

Being in nature. I live close to a lakefront that offers some of the most beautiful natural surroundings I know of. I enjoy walking the lake path at all times of the year. I cherish how the scenery changes with the seasons and how it seems to reflect my mood each time I am out enjoying all it has to offer. I am an animal lover, for sure! I have two beautiful animal beings that live with me who are very psychic too!!! I love to communicate with them in many silent ways and they do the same with me. My neighborhood is full of people waking their dogs and I have to come to love and cherish running into them every day and saying “hello”. Animals have always been cherished friends and comrades in my life. I am an avid history buff and love books and documentaries on figures throughout history. I am drawn to real life stories, about real people, who experienced great hardship and challenge and succeeded in changing history any way! Perhaps this is why I love to travel so much. I cherish being able to experience places around the world where history took place and where real life heroes walked the ground. Baking and cooking bring great joy to my life and have found that they have helped me overcome “perfectionist” tendencies, allowing me to make mistakes with a sense of amusement. I love the smells and aromas that fill my home when I am preparing a dish (or two). I enjoy listening to music while I am tinkering away in the kitchen. This is a happy place for me.

One of my most successful readings was when…

I read for a young woman who was feeling lost and depressed. As I began, the first thing I saw was her missing her Mother. She was experiencing a very dark void in her life, but she had shut down her emotional system. She was holding back all the emotion she felt around her Mother. I could see that her Mother had passed on, though she did not tell me this. I read a picture of her waking up in a grassy field. She was surrounded by Blue Bell flowers and she was disoriented. I told her that the energy around her was one of not being alone, that even though she appeared to be alone in the picture, that someone else was there. I saw a red pendent around her neck in the picture. At this point in the reading she started to cry, but they were tears of joy. She told me that she had been in a car accident right after her Mother passed away and that she ended up in a grassy ditch full of Blue Bell flowers. She said she felt her Mother was there watching her, keeping her safe until the ambulance arrived. She had forgotten all about this incident until I read it for her. She then reached into her shirt and took out a pendent she wore around her neck. It was a red heart, given to her by her Mother. She said she shared this story back then with family and friends who dismissed her experience as shock, and something that was not real. So she buried it away. Until I was able to validate that INDEED this was a true interaction with her Mother... and that it was ALL real. She was brought back to life and could begin anew with this information!

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Psychic Camilla x3653

"Certified Intuitive Life Coach"

Camilla x3653

Something that I would like my new customers to know about me is…

I practice energy healing in addition to providing readings, and that I am a very kind hearted, compassionate person. My gifts are blessings and I share them through tools such as crystals, playing cards, angel cards, and sometimes tarot. (I’m not a heavy tarot card reader.) Clairvoyance is a strong gift I’ve been given, and I’m very thankful for that. I’ll see images for you almost instantly without the use of tools. I’m also very sensitive energetically, and can relay information to you via sensations. One of the most unique gifts I am blessed with is the ability to communicate messages from past loved ones. Usually, this type of communication comes through shortly after a loved one passes due to the importance of the message. All of these gifts, I bring to you with compassion and the highest good.

One of my most successful readings was when…

Near the end of a reading, my client had an awakening. She came to me about her work and asked for clarity on a specific direction she should go in. My reading to her revealed that it was time she was kind to herself, and let off the gas. She realized that she needed to slow down, listen to her inner self telling her to breathe, and be still in peace. She really needed time for herself, and to just slow down her mind and her life. It was truly affected her mental, as well as her physical, health. She told me I was exactly on point with what she was feeling and the pressure she was causing herself, and that it was truly unnecessary anxiety. When a client tells you that they feel you changed their life, that is a huge compliment, like, the best compliment a person can receive in their practice of helping others to live a better life. And that is why I feel it was my most successful readings.

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